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Best 10 Plugins for iPhoto

When you are using an Apple device, you may need some very important and necessary plugins for your iPhoto. Here are 10 iPhoto Plugins in details that are useful to make your iPhoto experiences easier, safe and comfortable.

Plugin 1: Duplicate Annihilator

Price: $7.95

Duplicate Annihilator is the best plugin for iPhoto to eliminate duplication of your photos from iPhoto library. When you have got a load of images from different sources to your iPhoto albums, you can end up those sample photos of multiple copies by eliminating easily. It can compare photos in different techniques sorted by file name, size, date of image creation, resolution of the images. This great tool can have you more free storage for iPhoto albums in a short effort and offer you a great relief from photo duplication in your hard drive/ storage. You can have this awesome plugin downloaded from the provided link at $7.95.

Plugin 2: iPhoto Buddy

Price: Free

iPhoto Buddy is a safe plugin for iPhoto that provides a simple and inspiring interface for iPhoto. It is the perfect and real friend of your iPhoto to manage iPhoto libraries, switch multiple libraries and offers you to search through tag names, assigning thumbnails and privacy protection for the libraries. It is a free content to download.

Plugin 3: Impression

Price: $9.99

Impression allows protecting you images from using it for others and gets watermark on your photo that preserves your copyright. It is an important and one of the best plugin for iPhoto in your apple devices. When photography is your business, you will need of it urgently. Impression is available to download from the below link, and it will cost you $9.99.

Plugin 4: GrowlPhoto

Price: Free

GrowlPhoto is a great plugin that is widely used for iPhoto in Mac tools/apple devices. It enables you to provide notifications when you’re importing from camera devices will be finished. It is a very interesting and addictive plugin that can make you reliable on it. It is free to download from the below link.

Plugin 5: PictureSync

Price: Free

PictureSync is a batch uploading plugin used for iPhoto that allows you to sync photos to your Zooomr, Flickr or Facebook account. You can drag and drop photo files from anywhere to other online photo uploading sited by this most necessary PictureSync plugin for iPhoto.

Plugin 6: FFXporter

Price: Free

Are you getting worried to export photos in your Flickr account from your apple devices? FFXporter will help you out to upload your photos from iPhoto with details and allows having GPS tags also. FFXporter is one of the popular iPhoto plugin to perform this job successfully that can be downloaded free from the below link.

Plugin 7: iPhoto Diet

Price: Free

iPhoto Diet is a plugin for iPhoto application in Apple devices. It enables you to remove the modification or unnecessary backups for photos and thumbnail icons, eliminate duplication, detect and wipe out files and folders which are unnecessary. iPhoto Diet can be downloaded from below link free.

Plugin 8: iPhoto Library Manager

Price: $29.95

iPhoto Library Manager is one of the most popular iPhoto plugin that allows you to make and control multiple libraries on iPhoto. This album can be stored in shared folder, external storage or internal hard disk to your Mac. It also supports you to rebuild corrupted iPhoto albums and to take the inside images from a damaged album/library. iPhoto Library Manager provide you access to copy, merge or sync among libraries to an apple device. It is free on a trial but costs $29.95 in purchase.

Plugin 9: FlickrExport for iPhoto

Price: Single license: $20.99, Upgrade from v3: $10.95

Flickr got much easier and powerful way to manage your uploaded photos from your iPhoto. It will give you the privileges to upload videos in multiple Flickr accounts. It will allow you to edit, privacy control, tag, add photos to Flickr Group Pool and photo resize while uploading. It will cost you to use, and you can download it from the source link.

Plugin 10: Shutterfly Export Assistant for iPhoto

Price: Free

Shutterfly Export Assistant for iPhoto is a plugin of Shutterfly that let you upload your images through iPhoto to the Shutterfly account. You can have access to make a new album and upload photos directly to it or the existing one you have already created. Shutterfly is popularly known as a photo sharing and photo project creating website. You can have the Shutterfly iPhoto plugin downloaded free from the given link.

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