Why need iPod to Computer iTunes Transfer Software

  • 1. Your computer crashed and you lost your iTunes library, but they are still on your iPod, you want to transfer them from iPod to iTunes or iPod to computer.
  • 2. You purchased songs or movies on iPod touch iTunes store, or recorded video by new iPod Nano with camera, you want to transfer them from iPod to iTunes.
  • 3. You want to transfer song, video, movie, podcast, playlist, photo, TV show from iPod to computer or external hard drive for backup.
  • 4. You got a new computer, and you want to transfer the entire iTunes library from your old computer to the new computer.
  • 5. You want to mange multiple iPods on one iTunes or iPod on multiple iTunes. iPod Transfer will not erase your original iPod files when you switch to another iTunes.
  • 6. For some reasons, your computer and iTunes can’t recognize your iPod, then iPod Transfer can work as an iTunes alternative to upload music, video, photos and movie from computer to iPod and iPhone.
  • 7. You found good songs and movies on your friends’ iPod, you want to copy them to your iPod, but you don’t want to sync your iPod with his/her iTunes, because this will erase all files on your iPod. And iPod Transfer can do the job.
  • 8. You want to connect your iPod to computer and play the songs or videos on iPod directly without running iTunes.
  • 9. Your computer can’t install iTunes, then you can use iPod transfer software to manage your iPod files.
    Step-by-Step guides transfer music and video from iPod to iTunes and iPod to Computer

How do we review iPod to iTunes Transfer?

First of all, we have strictly scanned and reviewed all the iPod to iTunes Transfer with Norton Anti-virus Pro and AVG Spyware detector, they all pass the test without any spyware and viruses warning, so you can download and use them safely, they will not ruin your computer. The following is the criteria we used to iPod to iTunes Transfer:

  • Speed – iPod to iTunes Transfer should happen at a reasonable quick speed. It shouldn’t take forever to transfer iPod songs, movies, photos to computer.
  • Stability – iPod to iTunes Transfer should work without error and ought to complete each task without glitches. The program should also work well with any iPod and other programs, such as iTunes.
  • Easy to Use – It is true that the fewer the number of click, the easier the iPod to iTunes transfer is to use. One thing you should require of your software selection is an easy-to-access output folder. Even a perfect transferring is worthless if you can’t find the transferred file.
  • Features – iPod to Computer Transfer should offer many practical features, such as you can manage the iPod content and import and export files between the devices and your computer.
  • Support – Having multiple forms of help is important. Great help and support is essential.
Best iPod to Computer Transfer - Cususoft
iTunes Alternative - TunesGo
Easy to use iPod to Computer Transfer - Xilisoft
Powerful iPod to Computer Transfer - Tansee
TunesGo - iTunes Alternative
All-in-one iPod to Mac Transfer - 4Media
Product Name
Cucusoft iPod Transfer
Xilisoft iPod to PC Copy
Tansee iPod Copy Pack
iPod To Mac Transfer
Overall Rating
iPod to Computer Transfer Reviews
iPod to Computer Transfer Reviews
iPod to Computer Transfer Reviews
iPod to Computer Transfer Reviews
iPod to Computer Transfer Reviews
iPod to Computer Transfer Reviews
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Features Set
Ease of Use
Speed of Transfer

Supported iPod Model

iPod Touch
iPod Nano
iPod Classic / iPod Video
iPod Shuffle / iPad
iPod Photo / iPod Mini

Key Features

Transfer iPod Songs to Computer
Transfer iPod Videos to Computer
Transfer iPod Photos to Computer
Transfer iPod Movie / TV Shows
Keep Playcount Rating information
Transfer Playlists to Computer
Transfer Podcasts to Computer
Transfer Audio book to Computer
Transfer Voice Memos to Computer
Transfer iTunes U to Computer
Convert Video to iPod/iPhone/iPad
Convert Audio to iPod/iPhone/iPad
Create/Manage Playlist
Backup iTunes Purchase
Work as iTunes Alternative
Support Computer to iPod
Support iPod to iPod
Support CD Ripped music
Support downloaded songs
Batch Copy
Auto Scan iPod/iPhone/iPad files
One Step Automatic Transfer
Transfer files between iPod/iPhone/iPad
Delete Files from iPod/iPhone/iPad


Help Document
E-mail Support
Online Support
Windows XP/Vista/7
Windows 8/10
64bit & 32bit


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Overall Rating
iPod to Computer Transfer Reviews
iPod to Computer Transfer Reviews
iPod to Computer Transfer Reviews
iPod to Computer Transfer Reviews
iPod to Computer Transfer Reviews
iPod to Computer Transfer Reviews
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