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Free Online Photo Editor – Fotor Review

Nowadays, people tend to record every facet of their lives by taking photos and then share them on social media platforms. Before sharing photos, the most important step is to edit photos with useful filters and other photo editing tools. Particularly, for those who like travel and photography, it’s rare to post photos that aren’t edited.

Although everyone has different ideas on what a good photo is, it’s mostly agreed that a good photo editor is better when it’s easy to use and free. It seems that there isn’t any such perfect photo editor. However, I’ve found an easy online photo editor, and it’s free to used online. It’s called the Fotor Online Photo Editor. It’s not an exaggeration to say that Fotor covers everything you need for online photo editing.

Now, let’s dig in deeper and learn more about it. I’m sure you’ll fall in love with Fotor as I have.

Two Reasons for Choosing Fotor

  • Easy to Use

This online editor is characterized by a simple and user-friendly interface. Compared with Photoshop, the biggest advantage Fotor boasts is that it is much easier to learn. Even if you don’t know anything about photo editing, you can still get the hang of it quickly.

  • Free to Use

As long as you aren’t looking for something too high quality, all your basic needs can be met on Fotor. If you do need something high quality, the price for Fotor Pro is still quite reasonable.

Simple Yet Powerful Online Photo Editing Suite

  • Photo editing

With Fotor’s online photo editing suite, you can adjust your photos’ background, light, color, size, and even more in just few clicks.

  • Photo effects

Talented and professional designers here have been creating so many amazing photo effects on Fotor’s editor. There are a large number of photo filters for you to choose from. You can edit your photos in any way you like.

Fotor Photo Effects

  • Portrait Retouching

It is easy for you to transform your portrait into something beautiful. The amazing beauty features Fotor offers can give your photo a complete makeover, increase its radiance, add stickers and highlights to it, and much, much more.

fotor portrait retouching

  • Photo Collage Maker

Sometimes a single image isn’t enough to express how you feel. Fotor can provide you more new ways to make photo collages. Let’s share your interesting stories and unforgettable memories here.

fotor photo collage maker

How do you edit a photo with Fotor?

If you have some ideas for what effect you want to achieve, you can use Fotor’s editing tools yourself. If not, don’t worry. You can also get a free trial and find more inspiration there.

revolutionary photo editor

Click the button “Edit a Photo”, and you will enter the Edit page in seconds. You can start editing soon after clicking “Open” and “Add Photo First”.

add photos to fotor

Here’s an example. This is one of my favorite pictures I saved from Pinterest. The first thing that came to me when I saw this picture was “Wow, summer’s coming”. But I still want to strengthen its color contrast.

add effects to photos with fotor

In three easy steps: reduce its brightness, increase its contrast, then increase its sharpness. Now, the watermelon in this girl’s hands looks more tempting.

adjust photos effect with fotor

More about Fotor

Actually, Fotor isn’t only a free online photo editor but also helps design graphics. There are countless professionally-designed and beautiful graphic design templates to meet all your design needs.

fotor graphic design templates

As for design, if you are interested in the current graphic design trend 2019, just come to learn more on Fotor’s blog. You can also find a wealth of tutorials, guides, and inspiration on this wonderful blog.

Moreover, Fotor has received critical acclaim since its inception.

  • The 2nd generation of digital image enhancer and designer after Photoshop. (from BBC News)
  • Fotor makes quick work of photo editing tasks online. (from Lifehacker)
  • Fotor is very to be simple and intuitive to use. (from TUAW)

With Fotor, everyone can become a good designer and create something amazing in life.


If you’re still looking for a good and free photo editing tool, Fotor is the best choice for you. You may as well try it out for yourself. That is the best way to see whether it’s perfect for you.

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