How We Review

ReviewsTown selects some popular software, products, Hardware, Players, etc, provides the most comprehensive lists of reviewed products for its subjects. Different products require different testing approaches.

Products such as DVD Ripper are tested by downloading them and trying them by ourself on Windows, Mac or Linux.

With respect to support, we try to contact each techinical SUpport via E-mail (Because there are very few suppliers have phone support or chat lines), and see how long it takes on a weekday to get a response, and if the response actually helps us resolve the problem.

Each reviewed product has detail introduction and feature analysis. A comparison chart is presented to help visitors easily understand and choose the right product.

Legal Disclaimer

In the case of copyright protected materials such as movies or DVDs, it is our understanding that in nearly all jurisdictions it is not illegal to produce a copy of a DVD that one already owns, for backup or similar purposes. The legality of DVD ripping will vary based on your country of residence. We do not in any way endorse violation of the valid rights of copyright holders, and strongly recommends that you consult your country’s copyright and fair use laws before copying any video content.

The products which are listed on our page are copyrighted by their authors. If you see a violation of copyright about any products listed on our site, please contact us to report it immediately and it will be removed.