How to jailbreak iPod touch free and safe

How to Jailbreak iPod Touch for Free and Safe

This is a step by step guide about how to jailbreak iPod Touch. It will tell you everything about jailbreak iPod. Like what’s jailbreak iPod touch? Why you jailbreak iPod touch? How to jailbreak iPod Touch, etc. It’s easy to understand, even computer novice can handle with the job. It’s free and safe.

Part 1. What is jailbreak iPod Tocuh?

Jailbreaking is the process required to install applications in your iPod touch. It is a very easy procedure. It’s also safe: There are no risks in this operation*, as you can easily use iTunes to restore your iPod touch to the default factory settings.

Part 2. Why you jailbreak iPod Touch (advantage)?

  • 1. Jailbreak iPod touch let you install really cool and useful applications that are not in the iTunes App Store. Many of these apps are a complete must for any iPod touch user but are not allowed by iTunes App Store.
  • 2. iPod Touch jailbreak will allow you to customize your springboard through the jailbreak-only app Winterboard! You can customize the themes, background, wallpaper, sound, etc. Make your iPod Touch look cool and special.
  • 3. Jailbreak iPod Touch will let you download and play free games. The NES emulator will enable play of old school NES games. There’s also a Playstation emulator and tons of ported games like Doom!
  • 4. You can watch flash video on iPod touch directly beside YouTube, such as Hulu, Myspace, etc.
  • 5. You can use tunewiki to sync lyric with the songs and music video.
  • 6. You can enable your iPod Touch used as a mobile drive, transfer files easily.

Part 3. How to jailbreak iPod touch for free and safe?

First, the things that you need:

An internet connection;

iTunes 8.2;

redsn0w 0.71 for Windows (10 MB using torrent). For other mirror links, click here;

Original 3.0 firmware (258 MB). Make sure you get the correct one for your device.

While downloading, I suggest you backup your iPod as well. If you don’t know how to backup iPod music and video, refer to this step by step guide.

Now, let’s start the guide to jailbreak iPod touch

Step1. Restore your iPod with the original 3.0 firmware. In iTunes, Press and hold SHIFT then click Restore. Look for the original 3.0 firmware that you just downloaded.

restore ipod touch

This will take a few minutes so go ahead a grab a snack or something. After it’s done, you just successfully upgraded your iPod into 3.0. Don’t restore from backup yet.

Step2. Start redsn0w and Browse for your original 3.0 firmware, the huge file you downloaded. It will process the file for a few seconds.

jailbreak ipod touch 1

Step3. Once successfully identified, Click Next. It will start to prepare the jailbreak data.

jailbreak ipod touch 2

Step4. Make sure Cydia is checked and click Next.

Step5. Power off your iPod (press power button for a few seconds until you can power it off) and plug it into your PC. Click Next.

jailbreak ipod touch 3

Step6. Get ready to go into DFU mode. Just follow the onscreen instructions. Don’t be too conscious with the timing, they put allowances on the timer.

jailbreak ipod touch 4

Step7. Once in DFU mode, it will automatically start jailbreaking your iPod. After a short while, you will see in your iPod that it is Downloading  Jailbreak Data. Wait for a few minutes (mine lasted 5 minutes) for it to finish.

jailbreak ipod touch 5

To check if you’re successful, fire up your iPod and go to the second page to check if Cydia is present. I suggest you open Cydia and do the necessary upgrades for it. Done. It couldn’t be easier to jailbreak iPod touch 🙂 Enjoy your Jailbroken iPod Touch!

If you are looking for free cool themes for iPod touch, refer to this free iPod and iPhone themes.

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