How to Share songs videos with friends and family

How to Share Music and Movies With Friends and Family

What about transferring your favorite songs or videos with your friends and family to share your joy? Admittedly, trying to copy your contents to others’ Mac even iOS devices is extremely difficult if you haven’t a good helper. The Apple Company is masterful at sharing media files especially with those files purchased in iTunes store. But it’s not hopeless just like what it’s talked: if you have a helpful assistant, you are definitely the master of your own media files and can share them to anyone you want. The article is just such a guide showing you how to share songs, videos with your friends and family in a darn easy way. It includes two parts:

  • Part 1. Share songs, videos with your friends without any limitation
  • Part 2. Share songs, videos with your family

Part 1. Share songs, videos with your friends without any limitation

If your friends have PCs or Mac instead of iOS devices like iPod, iPad, iPhone, you can directly copy your items to them using your hard drive. But there is one thing you have to acknowledge: if the items, say, your videos are purchased on your iTunes store, you need authorize your friends’ computers first then they are able to play the files on their computer: launch iTunes > “Store” > “Authorize this Computer…”. Remember that you only can authorize five computers.

If you are about to share your files with your friend for playing them on iOS devices, you then have two options (the first one is highly recommended for its convenience and easy-to-use feature.):

How to Share songs, videos with friends and family

Step 1: Connect Devices with Computer via USB Cables

Connect your friends’ iDevices or Android phone to your computer then download and install iTransfer to help you share your media enjoyment with your friends. This software is a professional application to enable you to transfer media files both from computer to iOS devices and from iOS devices to computer, and copy media files between 2 devices

How to Share songs, videos with friends and family

Step 2: Transfer Media

There are some quick access to file transfer between iTunes Library, Mac/PC, and devices in the main window. You can click to use any of them. And for music, videos, photos and more, you can click the corresponding file type in the main window to enter the file management window, from where you’re able to transfer media files freely

Part 2. Share songs, videos with your family

There are also two choices here for you to choose for sharing your songs, videos with your family.

Suppose your family is in the same Wi-Fi or Ethernet network, then you can turn it on, and use iTunes’ home sharing function which enables you up to five computers in a single household share iTunes libraries easily.

But this method has some serious failing grades which would cut your enjoyment down and the most significant two are:

  1. The automatic-transfer feature works only with the contents purchased from iTunes store. Those music you ripped from CDs or purchased online from other sources like Amazon, eMusic etc. would appears in Home sharing but won’t be automatically copied.
  2. You can’t use other’s iTunes library even it’s shared when that computer is offline.
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