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8 Popular Sites Like IMDB

The IMDB, Internet Movie Database is a database of information over the web that is related to movies, TV series, video games, etc. it comes up with the production crew and fictional characters of all the media, their biographies and summaries of different TV programs and movies. Every person who loves watching movies and other television shows would surely have heard about the website of Internet Movie Database. It provides the reviews and ratings of most of the films and the movie trailers are also available. There are a number of websites on the internet that are similar to IMDB. A list of top eight sites like IMDB is given below: is a website similar to IMDB. It is a website for online service guide related to the information of TV programs, movies, screen actors, etc. You can find out the biographies of your favorite actors and TV stars. Michael Erlewine is the founder of this website and he did an amazing job. He is also the founder of AllMusic and AllGame. His website keep on updating and improving when required. is one of the ultimate sources for any kind of movies. You can find all the newly released movies at this website. You can also get anything that you want to know about any movie on this website. It also comes in the list of websites like IMDB.

This website also provides the similar things as the IMDB does. The concept of this website is very creative. They have made a tool and named it as Tomatometer. This tomatometer certifies the films and television shows on the basis of percentage of positive reviews, usually 75% or more. Five of the reviews are also from the top level critics. The critics are of different types like print critics, broadcast critics, online critics, video critics, etc.

Letterboxd is basically a social network in order to share the taste of different users in films. It can be used as a diary for recording the opinions of the users about the movies after they watch them. It can also be used just for keeping a track of the movies. You can keep a list of the movies that you would like to watch in the future.

It also comes in the list of sites like IMDB. Recently the websites brought something new for its users. They have the leveled up film nights and have brought the latest updates. They say that the users to not have tokeep on juggling between the cell phones and wallets to buy the tickets of movies or the DVDs of their favorite movies.Some of the users complained about the bugs but now they claim that they have squashed almost all the bugs in order to provide a better and a smoother experience to their users.

Yahoo Movies

You might not have heard about Yahoo movies but you would surely have heard about the Yahoo mailbox.  The same company also launched a website like IMDB. You can check out the revies of different movies and then decide which movie to watch. You can sign up to the website and then log in whenever required. There are the new release as well as the old movies list and reviews on the website. The support agents of the website are very cooperative and user friendly and they try to sort out the problems of users as early as possible.

There are different categories on the website like movie news, new movie, movie trailers, superheroes, movie reviews and TV news. You can select any category that you desire to visit. The users of this website appreciate the work of its organizers.

The movie database

The movie database is another site like IMDB. It is a well-known user editable database website for films and television shows. The concept of IMDB and the movie database is quite similar. It is also an online database of movies and their reviews. You can sign up and then log in whenever you want to want to decide which movie to watch. There are very authentic reviews that actually help you decide which movie to watch.

It is a website for the review of films that was established in the year 1996. There are more than three hundred reviews of English films on the website that can be checked before you decide to watch a movie. There are long analytical reviews ofdifferent movies on the website.

As the name suggests, this website is a source for the best Hollywood movies. They break down the latest and the best movies of all times, the summaries of the movies and the interesting news about the actors.

If you love Hollywood movies, this list collects 8 websites to help you watch Hollywood movies online for free.

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