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8 Professional Gaming Keyboards

A modern gamer would love to stay updated when it comes to gaming gear.

As a gamer, you want to keep them up-to-date for the best gaming pleasant experience when it comes to gear.

If you are a professional gamer, you will look for a high-end gaming keyboard to boost your gaming performance. Fortunately, there are many options available in the market that might confuse picking the best ones but not to worry; this article will help you choose one.

Before exploring the keyboard, let’s quickly see some of the things to consider while purchasing a gaming keyboard.

Gaming Keyboard Types

You might be wondering, but there are three popular types of keyboards available in the market. Every type offers unique features.


The technology used behind these types of keyboards is pretty simple. Every key has a rubber membrane below it to create contact with the typing plate. These are the least expensive ones in the market due to their easy process of making. The only downside of these keyboards is that they might lag even if you have pressed the button.


Mechanical keyboards are considered the best options for gamers even though it has been made with the oldest technology.


These types of keyboards are usually seen in laptops. There is a deep embedment of the keys for the convenience of an individual. These keyboards are pretty expensive, which is why gamers prefer going with the mechanical ones. You can still play with these keyboards if you have purchased a laptop for gaming.

Gaming Keyboard Connections

You can either go with the wired gaming keyboards or the wireless ones.

Wired Keyboards

Wired keyboards have mostly USB or PS/2 slots for maintaining the connectivity of the keyboard with your system. It is good when you always play on the gaming desk, but if you need to play on the bed or sofa, the wire might be short, and you need to look for wireless keyboards.

Wireless Keyboards

You would get the freedom of movement when you choose to buy a wireless keyboard. You can lie down in your armchair or sofa and play at your convenience. The only downside of a wireless keyboard is that you need to recharge the battery as and when.

Keyboard Illumination

Nowadays, a majority of gaming keyboards come with bright backlighting. You can even go for dynamic illumination, where the idea is that if you catch a bullet, then the keys would become red. The price goes way up when you opt for a keyboard with dynamic illumination.

Software Controlled

If your keyboard has special software, it becomes pretty easy to tweak your keyboard as you want it. The drivers will allow you to reprogram the keys and also save different configuration profiles in them. This feature turns out to be very useful if more than one person is using the same keyboard.

Now, let’s explore the following keyboards which can enhance your gameplay experience.

Logitech G915

If you are thinking about going for a wireless, you should consider the Logitech G915 Lightspeed keyboard. It is a pro-grade wireless keyboard with advanced LightSync RGB lighting. The 22 mm ultra-thin design gives it an enticing look along with its comfortable low-profile mechanical switches.

G915 offers a lightspeed wireless facility with super-fast 1 ms performance. It is completely functional even when you plug in the USB and play while charging the keyboard simultaneously. You can rely on this keyboard as it is the one used in competitions all over the world.

The impossibly thin design has been crafted from premium materials to make it ready for long gaming sessions. The advanced mechanical switches provide the gamers with the speed, performance, and accuracy of traditional switches. Every keystroke is smooth and responsive with this keyboard.

The LightSync RGB lighting technology provides per-key customization for creating your own animations or even choose from the available preset effects. The programmable G-keys and onboard profiles are useful for getting high performance and every feature you need at your fingertips.

You can continue to enjoy non-stop gaming during your long sessions on a single charge. You can switch the wireless connection with the push of a single button. The dedicated media controls at your fingertips would help you adjust various media settings and brightness instantly.

Razer Cynosa

Razer Cynosa V2 could be the most budget-friendly option with respectable performance. The backlight of every key could be customized according to your convenience, and watch the game come alive as you play on the Chroma-integrated titles. Get a chance to embrace a gaming experience that you can never move away from.

The keyboard feels super quiet, and its cushioned surface enhances comfort during long gaming sessions. The RGB gaming keyboard can be customized with 16.8 million colors and several effects to choose from. The keyboard supports dynamic lighting effects on several Chroma-integrated titles like Warframe, Apex Legends, Fortnite, and many more.

You can enhance your game by mapping your commands with the use of Razer Synapse 3. You could tweak the RGB keyboard as per your gaming style by saving different macros and unique profiles. There are dedicated media keys available for easily configuring play, pause, volume, and even adjust your brightness with simple controls.

The keyboard has a durable and sturdy build which makes it spill-resistant for your long gaming sessions. The best thing about this keyboard is its impressive low cost.

Corsair K100

When you have the budget and are ready to upgrade to the best one available in the market, you can consider going with the Corsair K100 RGB Optical Mechanical Keyboard. It is a premium gaming keyboard for professional gamers. No doubt you need to declutter your gaming desk to create enough space for its enormous footprint.

Axon has powered the performance of the Corsair keyboard for providing 4x faster delivery of inputs. You will be able to experience the hyper-fast input as the actuation distance is only 1.0 mm.

The K100 RGB offers dynamic per-key backlighting to enhance your gaming experience. You can completely customize the backlighting options with the help of a multi-function iCUE control wheel. It is completely programmable for performing custom actions in different games as well as applications.

The keyboard offers 6 dedicated macro keys that you could program as per your gaming requirement for gaining an advantage over your opponents. The keys are useful for performing complex macros or even special streaming commands with the help of its personalized software.

Das X50Q

If you are looking for a gaming keyboard with the most advanced technology, there is no better option than Das Keyboard X50Q. It will not only enhance your gaming performance, but you will also feel an adrenaline rush when you see the keyboard lighting up. The X50Q delivers fast precision keystrokes along with its stunning look.

Whether you are playing in broad daylight or in a dark room at night, the keyboard would shine brightly because of the RGB enhanced brightness mode and the modern switch design. You can easily rest your palms on the frictionless detachable palm rest when you feel tired.

You could program certain keys for performing macro functions with the help of a single click. You can even create a sequence of such keystrokes to perform specific actions in your favorite game. The keyboard comes with simple control for quickly accessing the media controls.

The Full N-key rollover feature helps you rely on the keyboard even if you simultaneously press several keys. The X50Q also comes with a function control that will immediately put your computer in sleep mode.

ROG Strix

Asus has always been a top brand in the field of gaming gear. The keyboard comes with the ROG RX Red Optical Mechanical Switches. The Asus ROG Strix Scope RX is the first mechanical keyboard to offer these types of switches. The lifespan of these switches is 100-million keystrokes with immediate response.

Every key possesses a central RGB LED to provide all-around lighting. The alloy is dust and IP56 water-resistant. It also possesses a durable aluminum top plate for reliable and long-lasting performance. ROG RX Red switches provide a smooth and excellent experience to the players with an instant response to every keystroke.

The USB 2.0 passthrough allows you to charge your mobile devices and plug in a flash drive or even your mouse with the keyboard. ROG Strix has performed extensive research and crafted this keyboard, especially for FPS gamers. The CTRL key is twice in size compared to the ordinary keyboards to make it easy to find during the heat of battle.

A unique feature offered by the ROG Strix keyboard is the Stealth Key. The Stealth key would immediately mute all the audio and hide all the running apps for instant privacy when you press it. With a single tap, you would bring all the audio and apps back as they were. The Quick-Toggle switch has the capability to toggle the entire top row between Function (Fn) or Media key inputs. Whether you are working or playing, you can toggle the keys with a single tap.

You can personalize the keyboard with dynamic lighting effects that Aura Sync powers to illuminate vibrant per-key backlighting. You can also use Armoury Crate to synchronize all your Asus gaming gear for creating a gaming environment that really shines.

SteelSeries Apex 5

SteelSeries is a famous brand if you are looking out for purchasing your gaming gear. The company produces certain high-priced keyboards, and this is where the SteelSeries Apex 5 stands out. You can get your hands on all the premium features offered by high-end keyboards at an affordable cost.

A unique thing offered by this keyboard is the OLED Smart Display that is useful for displaying incoming Discord messages, settings, profiles, your favorite gifs, and much more. Aircraft Grade Aluminum alloy has been used for making the Apex 5 keyboard for offering sturdiness and unbreakable durability.

Apex 5 comes with the perfect keyboard accessory that is a premium magnetic wrist rest. With the help of a simple magnetic solution and a durable soft-touch finish, you would be able to feel the comfort even if you place your hands on the keyboard for long hours.

The clickable metal roller and media keys make it easy to adjust the volume, brightness, and other media controls with the touch of a single button. You can sync up the keyboard and other SteelSeries gaming gear for an excellent setup that you would love to play on.

HyperX FPS

The HyperX Alloy FPS RGB is a high-performance gaming keyboard. It has been made to accompany both your style and skills. The keyboard features an extra-bright RGB LED with a radiating effect. The lighting effects are completely customizable, along with the 5 brightness level adjustments.

You can use the HyperX NGenuity software to customize the LED backlighting features and make the place stand out. You can also set per-key lighting effects with the use of the software. There is a convenient USB charging port and a detachable cable that is resistant to wear and tear. The durable Kailh Silver Speed key switches have been known for ultra-light actuation force and its rating for 70 million keypresses.

Gamers can enjoy even a split-second advantage over their opponents because of the accurate mechanical key switches. If multiple gamers use the same keyboard, you can even save up to 3 profiles with all the customizations. The compact and ultra-portable design provides it with an outstanding look that no gamer would like to miss out on.

Razer BlackWidow

The Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro is a wireless gaming keyboard that is not at all slower than the cabled ones. You can use 3 different modes of connection while using the keyboard. The first one is to go with the Razer Hyperspeed for getting a flawless wireless performance.

The Bluetooth connection allows you to connect 3 devices simultaneously and switch between them with a single click. You can even use the detachable USB-C cable for charging the keyboard while using it.

The keyboard makes use of advanced wireless technology to offer hyper-responsive inputs and low-latency gaming. Razer provides an option when it comes to mechanical switches. You can either choose the Green mechanical switches that possess a tactile design and lets you hear every keystroke or go with the silent Yellow mechanical switches that are extremely smooth with sound dampeners in them.

The completely clear switching design makes the brighter RGB lighting to get displayed in a more enhanced manner. The customized lighting effects look much better when the immersion reacts dynamically in the 150 integrated games. Razer Chroma RGB allows you to tweak the keyboard lighting as per your style.

The aluminum construction offers sturdiness and durability to the keyboard. The multi-functional digital dial, as well as the 4 media keys, help you to focus on your game and also adjust volume and brightness with ease. The wrist rest is soft and cushioned to relieve the pressure of your hands even during long gaming sessions.

SteelSeries Apex Pro

You would have heard about keyboards where you get the flexibility to swap out switches if you wish to try out something new. The SteelSeries Apex Pro has worked on this approach, and it is considered the biggest leap in the invention of mechanical switches for mechanical keyboards.

You can adjust every key to work as per your requirements and sensitivity levels, whether for gaming or working purposes. The most innovative feature offered here is the OmniPoint switches. These keys have a very low response time of 0.7 ms, and the actuation point is only 0.4 mm. You could tweak the sensitivity levels to personalize your keyboard in the best way.

The OLED Smart Display provides all the useful information for changing profiles, seeing some updates, and even adjusting settings. Now, there is no need to tab out from your favorite game as the keyboard itself will show you all the necessary details. You can save custom macros at your convenience.

SteelSeries maintains its legacy of per-key RGB illumination with reactive typing effects to design your ultimate setup. You can even sync up the keyboard with other SteelSeries gear to develop an excellent setup at your place. The SteelSeries Engine is useful for customizing your gaming gear and tweaking it according to your style.


Choosing a gaming keyboard would greatly depend on an individual’s opinion and taste. There are different types of gaming keyboards available in the market with top-notch features and different price ranges. In the end, you need to choose the one that suits your style and also syncs well with your gaming setup.

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