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vivo Y30 VS iPhone SE 2020 – Which Phone Worth to Buy

A smartphone is a standard piece of equipment that allows a person to organize his or her daily life. People use these devices to maintain contact through phone calls and texts. They keep in touch with friends and colleagues through social media. Increasingly, people use their devices for entertainment such as streaming videos, movies and playing games. Of course, consumers want to get the most from their devices at the lowest cost. This comparison review for vivo Y30 and iPhone SE 2020 will help you understand the features of these budget-friendly phones.

Meeting Consumer Expectations: Powerful Phones on a Low Budget

Smartphone makers have a challenge. Consumers expect companies like vivo and Apple to incorporate the latest technology into their phones. However, if the products are too expensive, many consumers will struggle with an older model rather than pay for an upgrade. The vivo Y30 and the Apple iPhone SE 2020 seek to meet consumer needs by offering powerful performance at a lower cost. Both of these phones can handle the essential functions of a smartphone well. However, it is only when you look at them side-by-side that you can truly decide which is worthy-to-buy between vivo Y30 and iPhone SE 2020.

Differences Between vivo Y30 and iPhone SE 2020

Designing a budget-friendly phone is like solving a difficult puzzle. If cost were not an object, you could max out every feature of the device. However, to keep the cost lower, you must decide which aspects of the phone require the most investment.

The different solutions to the puzzle result in very different phones at a similar cost.
vivo 30 vs iphone se

Screen Size

Because vivo designed the Y30 as a superior gaming machine, the company put more effort into the viewing screen. At 6.47 inches, it is significantly larger than the SE with its 4.7-inch screen. Also, vivo has a larger screen-to-body ratio of over 90%. By keeping its traditional phone setup, the SE screen-to-body ratio is only 65%.

Internal Storage

Internal Storage

Storage space is an important concern in a smartphone. People need room to store photos, videos and apps. Internal storage also affects app performance. Phones that are running out of storage space have problems with lag. The Y30 is the clear winner with a standard internal memory of 128 GB that is expandable to 256. The Apple device has a smaller standard memory of 64 GB. However, the company encourages

phone users to store much of their information in the iCloud.

Processing Ability

If you use your smartphone mostly for communication and social media, a powerful processor may not be your primary concern. Many entertainment applications like games and streaming sites require above-average processing speeds for the best performance. The Apple A13 Bionic processor has a reputation for having one of the fastest processing speeds on the market. The Y30 makes up some of the difference with an extra gigabyte of processing Ram. Its Multi-Turbo 3.0 processing software uses AI to optimize processing decisions and improve performance.

Gaming Performance: vivo Y30 vs iPhone SE 2020

High-intensity games put a phone’s overall performance to the test. No one wants to be dealing with lag in the middle of a PUBG battle. While Apple designed the iPhone for general use, the Y30 was assembled with gamers in mind. The front of the phone is almost all viewable screen, giving it a large viewing area for a phone its size. It can display HD+ content with a resolution of 1560X720. The Y30’s processing power coupled with its Multi-Turbo software allows artificial intelligence to eliminate lag and other performance disruptions as you play. The extensive storage in the Y30 means you can download any app you want without taking away from the phone’s performance. The result of this combination is smooth, high-quality gaming.

Gaming Performance: vivo Y30 vs iPhone SE 2020

In terms of gaming ability, the FunTouch OS 10 in the Y30 also includes the Ultra Game Mode option. This dedicated gaming software package makes certain that users have the gaming experience they desire. When you are playing casual word games, a phone call from a friend may not bother you. When you are playing Mobile Legends or other games that require your full concentration, the Ultra Game Mode can pause all calls and texts, or it can limit which notifications make it through. It will also eliminate on-screen alerts so that they do not disrupt your viewing area. When it comes to gaming, the vivo Y30 has the clear design advantage over the iPhone.

Which smartphone has the better battery life?

One of the slogans for the vivo Y30 is “Non-Stop Play, All Day.” The battery life of the vivo Y30 is an extreme 5,000 mAh. This level is twice the amount of the iPhone SE’s 1960 mAh. According to vivo, the battery in the Y30 can handle nine hours of intense gameplay without a break. Not only does the Y30 have unsurpassed gaming performance, but it also gives you plenty of time to enjoy those games.

The Apple iPhone SE tries to make up for its smaller battery power by incorporating a faster charging ability. It has an 18W charging rate that can charge the phone from 0 to 50% in 30 minutes. The Y30 has a more standard 10W charging rate. The consumer will have to make a decision. With intense use, the iPhone will need more frequent charging, but it can charge faster. Even with higher use, most users will find that the battery in the Y30 will last all day. Then, it can recharge while you sleep.

No matter how you set up your phone, an intense gaming session will drain your battery. However, both the iPhone and the Y30 have options to minimize the factors that drain your battery in the background. In the display settings, you can lower the brightness of your screen. If you are playing indoors, you probably will not need the screen at full brightness for a clear view. You can also limit the connectivity of both phones so that they do not waste power searching for Wi-Fi networks.

better battery life

In the battery settings of the iPhone SE, you can set the phone to a low power mode. In this mode, the phone turns off downloads, notifications and other background activities to preserve power. You can perform a similar operation in the Y30 by turning on the battery-saving mode in the “Location” settings and disabling notifications in the “Status Bar and Notifications” settings.

Preparing Your vivo Y30 for Top Performance

For gamers, one of the best ways to take advantage of everything the vivo Y30 has to offer is to explore the options of the Ultra Game Mode. In the phone setting menu, select “Game Mode” and “Add.” You will see a list of all the games on your phone. You can choose which ones will run in Ultra Game Mode.

The game mode lets you choose whether you want to block all calls and notifications. It also gives you options to optimize your performance. For example, you can prevent accidental touches from ruining a battle.

vivo Y30 for Top Performance

A fun feature for multiplayer games is the Y30’s built-in voice modulator. You can join the team as the voice of a graceful princess or the foreboding voice of doom.

The iPhone SE 2020 and the vivo Y30 may both be satisfactory phones for general use. However, serious gamers need a device that can handle their intense processing and storage needs. The features of the vivo Y30 make it the most worthy-to-buy smartphone in Philippine 2020. For more information on the Y30, check out our official site.

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