Best Fitbit compatible apps to step up your tracking game

Best Fitbit Tracking Game Apps

Fitbit’s companion smartphone app, whether that’s for Android, iOS or Windows (no, we didn’t forget about you) is a big reason why we continue to recommend it among our best fitness trackers to own.

The layout is simple, it’s easy to use and gives you a snapshot of information when you’re not looking down at your Fitbit Charge HR, Blaze, Alta or any other of the Fitbits.

If you yearn for more data and insight, though, then there’s also a healthy amount of third-party app support to make that happen. What does that mean exactly? Well, it means you can link the Fitbit app to a series of other apps, whether they are dedicated running apps or ones for counting calories, to exchange data. The idea is that you can then get a more comprehensive view of your daily health.

If you’re struggling to find out just where those apps live in the Fitbit app, head to Accounts and scroll down until you see Compatible Apps.

Here, we’ve picked the best of the Fitbit friendly apps currently available and looked at just what they’re going to add to your fitness tracking experience.


Best Fitbit compatible apps to step up your tracking game

MyFitnessPal is one of the best calorie counter apps out there and while Fitbit does offer its own food logging features, linking the two will help provide a more accurate daily calorie goal. Once you’ve signed up for a MyFitnessPal account, it’s time to ditch food logging in Fitbit and start doing it in the Under Armour owned app instead.

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You can leave the step tracking to your Fitbit, so there’s no need to manually add in activity tracking. The MyFitnessPal app also takes data related to how many calories you are on track to burn by the end of the day and updates your calorie goal to make sure you keep on track of your target weight loss (or gain).


Fitbit is already equipped to track a range of exercises automatically, but we know it’s hard to let go of the data you’ve been saving on your usual fitness app haunts. The good news is that Strava is compatible with Fitbit (as are Runkeeper and Endomondo).

Strava is a personal Wareable fave and once you’ve connected the two apps, Fitbit activities will show up in the Strava app, while any of your Strava logged runs will be fed into your daily Fitbit stats, including calorie burn count and topping up on those all important active minutes.

Weight Watchers

If you’re trying to lose weight with your Fitbit, you might be a Weight Watchers member. If so, there’s a nice partnership in the US and UK which allows you to convert all your Fitbit activity into Activity ProPoints (or SmartPoints). Weight Watchers is also actually selling Fitbit trackers through its online stores.

Amazon Alexa

Best Fitbit compatible apps to step up your tracking game

This is pretty neat. You can now ask Alexa, on the Amazon Echo, for your Fitbit stats like how you slept last night or yesterday’s activity and get reminders via the virtual voice assistant too.

If you have more than one Fitbit wearer in the house, there’s the option to allocate multiple Fitbit accounts to different profiles in your Amazon Household. We like.

FitStar & FitStar Yoga

Best Fitbit compatible apps to step up your tracking game

If you own the Fitbit Blaze, then you’ll probably know all about FitStar. It’s a fitness platform dedicated to creating personalised workouts including yoga. The Blaze is the only Fitbit tracker that offers step-by-step workouts you can follow from the Blaze’s screen.

That doesn’t mean FitStar can’t be useful for the rest of the Fitbit fraternity, though. Once you’ve set up a FitStar account and linked it to your Fitbit account, workout data from FitStar will be synced and fed into the app to complement your daily tracking data.


Best Fitbit compatible apps to step up your tracking game

Living up to that healthy mind, healthy body mantra, Lumosity is a brain training app that aims to improve things like memory and problem solving and increase your speed of processing. When you pull the app together with Fitbit, you’ll be able to view step counts against the number of Lumosity games you’ve played over 90 days.

The idea is that by displaying the information side by side, you’ll be able to spot trends with the data and see whether hitting the gym on a regular basis is having a positive impact on your brain power.

MyNetDiary Calorie Counter

While MyFitnessPal does a pretty good job of calorie counting, this alternative also wants to educate you on making the right food choices.

It’ll take tracking data from Fitbit including step count, body weight and average heart rate (if you have a Charge HR, Surge or Blaze) and can give a better measurement of daily calorie balance to show how much you’ve burned and eaten during the day. All of the food calories and nutrients tracked in the app will also appear inside the Fitbit app.

Under Armour Record

Best Fitbit compatible apps to step up your tracking game

Just because you don’t fancy buying an Under Armour Band or paying out for the UA HealthBox doesn’t mean you can’t still get good use out of its great fitness app, which can pull in data from MyFitnessPal, Endomondo and MapMyFitness.

Record will store step data from your Fitbit tracker and can feed in any weight measurement data as long you’ve entered that data in the Fitbit app or via the Fitbit Aria smart scales.

Nudge Health Tracking

For some the flood of data is too much to handle, so Nudge is all about simplifying the process. It can store data from a host of apps and wearables including Runkeeper, Strava and of course Fitbit, giving you a single Nudge Factor score to keep things competitive against other users.

When it’s connected with Fitbit, you can send tracking data into the Log section where you can also see personalised categories that include beverages, energy and sleep.

Wokamon Monster Walk Quest

Walking can be boring, so why not try to make it more fun? Think Tamagotchi for Fitbit – this app, when connected to your tracker, puts you in charge of a virtual monster. The more you walk, the larger the monster grows, letting you unlock virtual pets to push you to keep walking to the shops instead of jumping into the car.