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Top 10 DVD Players for Mac

Online stores have discovered a trending market in the form of DVD Player software for Mac users all over the world, thus creating a business opportunity for program developers around the world who are licensed by Apple. However, as such, there are quality Players and sham Players out there and one is tasked with finding the most suitable app for their entertainment needs, there are so many to choose from and therefore a summarized article is quite appropriate to save time. In this article, you’ll find the most authentic and top ten best DVD players for Mac computers.

Tip: If you want to burn video to DVD on Mac, this DVD Creator for Mac would be your best choice.

1. Ultimate DVD Player for Mac

This Player will comfortably play DVD-Videos and allows you to change speeds higher levels, as much as 200% and pitch to +/-2 semitones, while still at the same time lets you reduce and increase a video or sound output and is excellent for viewing tutorials and dance DVDs. Gives you the best of playback for non-commercial and commercial DVDs, while on full screen play. Has a built-in sound equalizer and a selection menu for your DVD options. The sound quality and picture resolution is undisputable. It requires a modern and fast PC and is compatible with Mac OS X 10.4, Mac OS X 10.8 and a few other versions.

2. Apple DVD Player

This Player is quite simplistic in every way from controls to the loading of your DVD-Video for those who want to experience entertainment without much of a hassle. It can be controlled using the mouse or its on-board navigational controls. When on full screen, you can’t easily access the screen menu bar unless you click on top of the screen. It allows resizing of the screen to suit your convenience, rewind/fast forward, stop, turn on/off subtitles and many more other functions.

3. VLC Media Player

Using this Player might be a little complicated to a first time user because it does not automatically read DVD unless you follow prompts and eventually have your DVD-Video ready to view and also have the DVD menu enabled. It needs quite a lot of clicking but it is comforting too to know that it can read HD and/or Blu-Ray discs and at the same time be flexible and portable. It is supported by the Mac OS X.

4. Apple QuickTime

One of the best and easy to use Mac Players that has an attractive, slick and easy to navigate interface. It can read DVDs from your local disk or DVD discs. Its platforms are Mac OS X 10.3.9 and/or later versions.

5. Mac Media Player

To enjoy this Player and utilize it fully, you will have to set it as your default Player for DVDs in your Mac. That said, it accelerates your hardware capabilities while also it is powerful enough to play high definition videos. It automatically opens a number of DVDs but some will require menu prompts to be accessed. One of its setbacks is it will require a high system resource.

6. MPlayerOSX

A point to ponder upon before considering this option is the fact that when you install MPlayerOSX, it comes with SMPlayer as the prominent end app. The Player is a binary distribution of MPlayer and is one of the originals for Mac OS X, hence upon installation it gives you easy manipulative maneuvers like drag and drop even with your program on full screen or on window mode and plays it, all at your own convenience. Its video compatibility is admirable, it is of lightweight and quite very favorable compared to the other Mac Players. Its platform is Mac OS X 10.5 and other later versions.

7. Flip4Mac

If you have used and enjoyed using WMV and/or WMA, then this will be the equivalent in simplicity and effectiveness as it is endorsed by Microsoft as the WMV for Mac. The newest version 3.0 is only compatible Lion version of Mac. It has an option to install Microsoft’s equivalent of Adobe Flash, Silverlight, which is not a necessity to install but you might need to since some of the live streaming video content need it to deliver. It has a dim light feature which dims the light on the background and areas around your video to give you the perfect video viewing experience.

8. Mac Blu-Ray Player

This app makes it easy for Mac users to easily access their Blu-Ray discs and many other video files. The film and sound output are fine and there is less distortion or disturbances in the streaming. For visual file enthusiasts this would be quite amazing. The name might present this Player as a limited app but it actually can support a majority of the formats, to name a few; MKV, AVI, MP4 and MTS. It also comes with additional features such as high loading speed and you can save your screenshots in default formats like JPEG and BMP.

9. FLV Player for Mac

Also called the Flash Player for Mac, it plays Flash and FLV files for your PC, all you have to do is load the files into its interface, sit back and let the Player make your day. Using the Player gives you multiple ways for you to add files from copying and pasting URLs into the app to manually adding your own files. Navigating through the Player is as easy with a few simple clicks and you have what you want.

10. DVDFab Media Player for Mac

A fine choice for a wide array of formats including Blu-Ray, DVD, ISO image files 3D and non-3D video files. It brings into your PC entertainment plus a fine blend sound with amazing video effects to maximize your viewing experience. If you are looking for the best Blu-Ray Player then look no further, this Player provides for your needs with fully functional and powerful directional tools just to suit you. The DVDFab Player is everything if you need a complete support for majority of formats and the best quality entertainment.

Bruce Valdeo