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Record iPhone Screen With Screenflow 2018 Newest Guide

Screenflow is a powerful screen recording software, supports desktop and mobile device. Screenflow can create very good quality capturing that is also able to be enhanced further as a built-in feature. Therefore this tool is a combination of two beneficial processes that gives a professional feeling to your creation. This can be achieved in the most direct manner via developing a connection between your iOS device such as your iPad and the Mac computer you are willing to use, preferably via directly connecting them with a Lightning cable, so they can detect each other automatically for the recording. In case you follow the outlined step you can see the benefits of this tool easily.

Step1. Do the needed preparation before the recording

Once you download and set up the program, when you finally open the main interface, you have the chance to give direct modification to any of the possibly alterable option inside the program both concerning the audio as well as the video quality. Then just initiate the launching of the recording with the red Rec button.

guide of recording iPhone screen with screenflow

Step2. Do the recording of your video

After having the Rec button pressed, the capturing of the display of the device will take place, that is started by a countdown while the process is prepared by the tool, and then everything within the frame of the capturing is recorded.

Step3. Terminate successfully the recording

Once you have finalized the activity or the event you were having is over, then you can simply terminate successfully the ongoing capturing by pressing the Stop button. Then just modify your creation in case you wish, and have it all saved on your hard drive for later watching or sharing.


If you don’t want to download anything to record computer screen, here is an online tool ( Macdvd Screen Recorder ) that lets you record your screen right from the browser. You don’t have to install any additional plug-ins or add-ons.

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