Make Music Video With iPad

How to Make Music Video with iPad

If you have an Apple iPad and you want to make some music video for YouTube, Facebook and Myspace. There is a useful App name Video Star do that well. This cool app can mixes karaoke and music videos for some crazy fun productions. Video Star is very easy to use, even you are computer navy can handle with it. It enables you to make music video based on lip-syncing a song track in your iPad video. You just need to select a song, record yourself and add special effects. In a few minutes you can produce and share your music video. Now, let’s start the step by step guide.

Step1.  After you install Video Star on your iPad, launch it, simply tap the plus button and choose a song from your iTunes library. At this point you can preview the song, select OK, and moved to the next step to the Recording. Or you can customize the song here.

add songs to videostar

Step2. Tap the Record button and lip-sync the song. Video Star doesn’t record audio, you can actually sing out loud and your voice won’t be recorded. If you record yourself, of course you need to select the front facing camera.

record video with videostar

Step3. You can also stop the recording, change the scene, and then resume the song and recording. You can preview the recording when you’re done, or edit the last scene. Or you can simply Start Over and do a second take. That’s all, it couldn’t be easier to make professional music video with Video Star like that.

Here are some tips for Video Star:

  1. You can make your video as fun and crazy as you like, but if you want it to look a little more professional, remember to not look into the screen itself.
  2. The music video can be shared via email, YouTube, or saved to your Camera Roll.
    share music video
  3. On the homepapge of the app, you can tap the heart icon to view several dozen Video Star productions, as well as how-to videos and instructions for advanced techniques.

If you are looking for more video editing software for your computer, here is a side-by-side Video Editor Review.

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