How to convert VHS to DVD

How to Convert VHS tapes to DVD and Capture VHS to Computer

If you have many old VHS video tapes, you may want to convert the VHS tapes to DVD for playback on DVD player, or capture video from VHS to computer for backup. And this step by step guide will show you how to convert VHS to DVD. Even you are not a computer savvy, you can handle with it easily.

Before you go through the guide, please make sure you already have the capture device. Below are some tips for the devices.

1. If you use an external video capture board supplied with RCA and S-Video jacks, the best way to link the devices is to connect the VHS recorder/player S-Video output with the video capture board S-Video input using the corresponding cable so to relay a video signal. To relay an audio signal use an RCA cable, connecting your VHS recorder/player RCA output with the video capture device RCA input but employing white and red jacks only. And then use a USB cable to connect the external video capture board to the computer USB port.

2. If you have a DV-camera and your computer system is supplied with an IEEE 1394 port then connect your VHS recorder/player to the DV camera just in the same way as it has been described above and then connect the DV camera IEEE 1394 port marked as DV In-Out with the computer IEEE 1394 port using the corresponding cable.

Step1. Now let’s start the guide. The capture software you need is AVS Video Recorder, because it’s professional software to capture VHS tape. It may take a few minutes to finish the download process, but I promise this program worth the time. Once the download is finished, double click the downloaded file to install it.

Download AVS Video Recorder

Tips: This Video Recorder is not only for VHS tape. You can also use it to capture video to computer from WEB cameras, DVB cards, TV tuners, even copy Video from DV and miniDVD.

capture video from VHS to computer

Step2. Launch the Video Recorder; go to Capturetab. By default output video format is set to Recommended (MPEG-2), because MPEG-2 video is good for burning to DVD.

Step3. Set where the captured video should be saved to. Click Browse to select a folder to place the captured VHS video in and name the file. And then click Save.

save VHS video to computer

Step4. Switch to the Settings tab. Drop down the Video Device Input control and choose either the Composite option in case your VHS player is connected to the capture device using an RCA input or the S-Video option if you preferred an S-Video jack.

select vhs capture device

Step5. Press the Start capture

Step6. Once the VHS capture process is finished, click Convert to launch the DVD burning program. Drag your capture video into the converter. Click To DVD, in the list of video disc types select one of the preset profiles. This program can help you make DVD menu if you need.

Download AVS Video Converter

burn VHS video to DVD

Step7. Click Convert Now! to run the conversion, and then click Burn to Disc. Put a blank DVD disc into your computer DVD drive. And click Start Burning! That’s all. It couldn’t be easier to convert VHS tape to DVD like that, enjoy my guide.

burn VHS to DVD

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