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Top 10 Video Downloader Apps for iPhone

iPhone operates on iOS which is a closed operating system, it doesn’t allow you to modify the native applications on it, but there are many ways around to sort out small problems on iPhone. For example: You can’t download videos directly from YouTube, Dailymotion or any other video streaming websites but there are tons of downloaders available in the App Store which will let you do this task. Moreover, sometimes we are not in an internet zone and we want to watch a video, using a video downloader, we can download the video on iPhone to watch it in offline mode.

Video downloaders will not only let you download videos from famous websites such as YouTube, daily motion or Vimeo but you will also be able to download videos from approximately any video streaming website on the internet. The best part about these downloaders is that you can’t only download the videos but can also transfer them to your Windows PC or Mac using an appropriate software such as iTransfer. iTransfer is the ultimate media manager for your iPhone or iPad, from transferring media between iPhones and PC, you can also manage media directly in this software. It will only work for those applications which will allow you to transfer videos to Camera roll on your iPhone. We have found the best video downloaders to download videos on iPhone, here’s the complete the list:

  • Part 1. 10 Best iPhone Video Downloader Apps
  • Part 2. How to Export Videos from iPhone to Computer Using iTransfer for Backup?

If you are looking for free video downloader for desktop or laptop, this free online video downloader would be the best choice for you. It is an online tool that lets you download video right from the browser. You don’t have to install any additional plug-ins or add-ons.

Part 1. 10 Best iPhone Video Downloader Apps

Top 10 iPhone Video Downloader Apps (iPhone 6s Supported)

1. Video Download Browser

This simple, easy to use application will let you download videos from approximately every video website, the downloading process is very simple and is completed by using one single touch. Another good feature is that it supports .m3u8 format which is downloading format of Dailymotion. However, the videos having .m3u8 will not be transferred to the camera roll on your iPhone. From the settings, you can also enable the passcode lock option. The most stunning feature is the Air-play mode which will let you play videos on other devices using Air-Play option.

Top 10 iPhone Video Downloader Apps (iPhone 6s Supported)

2. iDownloader – Downloads and Download Manager:

iDownloader is not just like any other video downloader for iPhone but it is powerful downloader which will not only let you download videos, but you can also download documents, audio files. The built-in browser in the application has very powerful options, you can’t only download videos via one touch but force touch option can also be used to download any target. On the other hand, downloader is also great which will allow you to download 50 videos at the same time. It is also a powerful file manager yet amazing file viewer.

Top 10 iPhone Video Downloader Apps (iPhone 6s Supported)

3. Best Video downloader:

Best video downloader application is just like many other video downloading applications but on top of that it has some very unique features embedded in this application. It provides real background downloading feature and playback feature even when the application is closed. However, the most different feature is the sleep mode in the application which will stop the video when the timer will be finished. Unlike many other applications, it provides free unlimited video downloading facility.

Top 10 iPhone Video Downloader Apps (iPhone 6s Supported)

4. Video Download Pro – Free Video download:

It provides a sleek user interface which makes it pretty much easy to download videos from different websites on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. You can easily apply a passcode to the application so that all applications can keep safe. The best features in video download pro is the export to the camera roll applications and downloading videos of more than 20mb over 3G. It also has a file manager and viewer to manage all kinds of video files in the application.

Top 10 iPhone Video Downloader Apps (iPhone 6s Supported)

5. Video Downloader – Download Manager & Media Player

If you are looking for a perfect and free application, video downloader can be a very good choice. With unlimited features from web browser to saving videos and playing them using the built-in media player, it provides everything in a smooth and sleek mode. Moreover, it also supports approximately every format on any website and provides security to lock the videos. You can’t only transfer the videos to camera roll, but videos can also be transferred to Mac or Windows PC using Wi-Fi Transfer option from the settings.

Top 10 iPhone Video Downloader Apps (iPhone 6s Supported)

6. Video Downloader Super Premium ++ VDownload:

Quick searching, quick downloading and perfect videos managing are the prominent features of video downloader super premium. You can also make the perfect playlists of the videos to use them to view later. This will not download videos from YouTube due to terms and conditions of YouTube but it supports approximately all other websites and download iOS-optimized videos which can easily exported to the camera roll on iPhone.

Top 10 iPhone Video Downloader Apps (iPhone 6s Supported)

7. Video Downloader Pro:

It is the perfect video downloader with unlimited features which are present among other downloaders and some unique options. Web browser on the video downloader provides a private mode which will not save the history of visited websites on your iPhone. The best part is the managing the videos which have been downloaded. You can’t only password protect the application but you can also apply password to each and every folder individually. Exporting to camera roll or Windows PC or Mac is also very easy and can be done use Wi-Fi transfer feature, the only condition is that both the iPhone and PC should be on the same Wi-Fi network.

Top 10 iPhone Video Downloader Apps (iPhone 6s Supported)

8. Free Video Downloader:

With the great user friendly interface, sleek control, quick searching options and instant downloading feature, free video downloader is a good application. Although it lacks many must have features such as video export, video transfer to Pc or Mac but it has some amazing features such as making playlist in the application, playing videos in the background, even the application is closed.

Top 10 iPhone Video Downloader Apps (iPhone 6s Supported)

9. Video Downloader:

It is a great application which has been gone free for a very limited time, so, you should grab it before it again becomes a paid application. The best part about this application is that it supports more than 30 different formats, so, it wouldn’t be a problem to download or play any kind of video on the iPhone. Moreover, the browser of this application supports the Ad-blocker, force downloading and even the real bookmark option just like the Safari web browser. Video player of this application will provide approximately every feature from repeat, shuffle to Air-Play mode support.

Top 10 iPhone Video Downloader Apps (iPhone 6s Supported)

10. Video Downloader Free – Free Video Downloader and MP4 Movie Player

The simple video downloader and powerful player will let you download videos from any video streaming website. You can also transfer videos from iTunes Library and play them on Video downloader free. It also provides different options from managing the videos to playing and saving them on the iPhone.

Part 2. How to Export Videos from iPhone to Computer Using iTransfer for Backup?

Once the videos have been downloaded to your iPhone, you either delete them or copy them to your computer for future play, right? Actually, you can’t copy them to computer with iTunes or do it manually unless you get the help from iTransfer for Mac (or iTransfer for Windows). It helps you get any video from your iPhone to any computer.

Download Phone to Phone Transfer Windows Version Download Phone to Phone Transfer Mac Version

Below are the steps:
iTransfer is updated to support the latest iPhone 7.

Top 10 iPhone Video Downloader Apps (iPhone 6s Supported)

Step 1: Download and install latest version of iTransfer. Connect iPhone with your computer via a USB cable and launch iTransfer.

Top 10 iPhone Video Downloader Apps (iPhone 6s Supported)

Step 2: Click “TV Show” or “Movies” in the left sidebar to check out all the videos on your iPhone. After then, select the wanted ones and click “Export” to save them directly on your computer.

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