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How to fix “Computer Cannot Recognize iPhone” on Mac and Windows

The computer not recognizing iPhone is an issue that a number of users face. It is therefore one of the problems that should be addressed ASAP. The fact of the matter is that the users thinking that my computer won’t recognize my iPhone or my computer doesn’t recognize my iPhone are reluctant due to their data. If the computer does not recognize iPhone, then it is advised to read through the tutorial to get the solution. On the other hand, the iPhone is not recognized by computer if the USB port malfunction. The computer not recognizing iPhone is an issue that can be resolved with the built in technologies. It means that the user needs no specific software installed to get the issue resolved.

  • Part 1: Windows 10 and the related issues
  • Part 2: Bugs in windows 10
  • Part 3: The process/tips and tricks
  • Part 4: Mac and related issues
  • Part 5: Advantages of iTunes fixture on OS mentioned

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Part 1: Windows 10 and the related issues

Most of the users face the issue in relation to windows 10 when the computer won’t recognize iPhone. It is due to the fact that the windows 10 up till now is too buggy to be used. There is no specific process that can be applied in relation to the issue. It is therefore advised to get to the base of tips and tricks and get the issues resolved. If the computer won’t recognize iPhone, then some tips are as follows to get the issue fixed soonest possible.

Part 2: Bugs in windows 10

Windows 10 is recommended to the users that have a tech hand. The other users who are non tech are not advised to use the windows. It is all due to the fact that the OS is being developed rapidly. It is therefore one of the problems which is linked with degraded performance. If the iTunes are not being recognized by the system then the issue lies with the windows. Most of the time it is the OS that creates the problems and hinders the progress overall.

Part 3: The process/tips and tricks

As it has been said before, there is no specific solution as the issue can be due to anything. From hardware to software, any part can be responsible for the problem. It is therefore advised to get over the process by applying the tips and tricks that are as follows:

  • 1. The user should restart the system as it could be congestion causing the issue:
  • 2. The windows degrade also hinders some hardware parts. It is therefore advised to upgrade the windows to resolve the issue:
  • 3. The anti virus should be disabled to get the issue fixed. This is one of the major issues that are faced in this regard:
  • 4. The USB cable should be checked. The issue might be due to damaged USB cable:
  • 5. If the USB slot is full of dirt then it should be cleaned thoroughly:
  • 6. The user might be able to see the device connected when it is not. If the issue has been resolved by following the steps above then follow below picture. It will let the user know that the issue has been resolved.

Part 4: Mac and related issues

Though both created by Apple, the Mac users also face issues in relation to the subjected matter. In order to curb these issues, it is advised to follow the process as below. The OSX is notorious for the problem and hence this method can also be applied to it with ease. If the user is running other versions of Mac still, the issue can be fixed with ease. The application of the method ensures that the user gets the work done within no time at all.

  • 1. The iPhone is to be hard reset. It can be done by pressing the sleep button and the home screen button at the same time:
  • 2. The iTunes and the iOS are then to be upgraded. The path that is to be followed is iTunes > Check for updates:
  • 3. Once the proceed till now has been followed, the user should reset the location and privacy data. The below picture is to be used as a helping hand:
  • 4. For complete process the user should first access the settings> as shown:
  • 5. The general tab is then to be tapped to proceed:
  • 6. The reset option is then to be selected as shown below:
  • 7. The reset location and privacy is then to be selected:
  • 8. The reset settings is then to be tapped to ensure that the process ends here in full:

Part 5: Advantages of iTunes fixture on OS mentioned

There are several advantages that are associated with the fixture that is to be performed. These can also be regarded as the advantages of iTunes. It will let the users know the overall effectiveness of the phenomenon that is under consideration:

  • 1. The first thing first, iTunes is a free software that allows the users to save cost overall.
  • 2. The iDevices as well as the iOS software are well integrated with the program. It is therefore recommended to perform the subjected fixture to enjoy the program.
  • 3. The content that is present within the iTunes is something that adds to the effectiveness of the management. The u education app that has been integrated allows the users to get themselves well equipped.
  • 4. The performance of the iTunes is awesome. The system resources are not at all disturbed and the user enjoys the overall same effectiveness.

Depending upon the circumstances it is advised to adopt the path that suits the users for iTunes fixture on OS mentioned. There is not at all some specific process to get over the issue. The user needs to find the problem by themselves to get it resolved. The factors as well as the overall methodologies that are mentioned are the ones that add to the effectiveness. The user should also get to the base of the issue by applying some tech information. It will allow the users to overcome the issue in a relatively good manner which is also swift.

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