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Top 10 Free Online Microsoft Office to PDF Converter

PDF Converter

The Portable Document Format (commonly known as PDF), as the name suggests, is used to present a document across different platforms without worrying about hardware, operating systems or any other compatibility issues that come with other formats of the word documents. The PDF format can fully capture text, graphics and other information from a range [View Full Post]

Best Apps for Samsung Gear

The Samsung Gear S2 might not boast as many apps as Apple, Android Wear or even Pebble, but it still remains our current smartwatch favourite. At launch, there was more than 1,000 apps, and while we haven’t seen a huge increase in numbers in Samsung’s app store, the quality is at least getting better. Samsung [View Full Post]

Best Windows Movie Maker Alternative – Fantashow

Windows Movie Maker Alternative – Fantashow

Besides windows movie maker, sony vegas, virdualdub and so on, there are still many good video editing software, like Fantashow. It’s not as professional as Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro. But it’s easy to use and the build-in video effects is good. Now it has something awesome update as follow: 1. Able to make [View Full Post]

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