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Great Video Downloader for Mac – VideoDuke Review

Great video downloader for Mac

When it comes to the software for streaming videos, YouTube is everyone’s favorite. But, it doesn’t allow you the download videos, and in this scenario, VideoDuke can come handy. It helps you download videos in mp4 format. Not only this, but it also many other applications where people like to stream videos like Vimeo and [View Full Post]

How to Download YouTube Videos with Spartan on Windows 10

Download YouTube video with Spartan Browser

Windows 10 is coming, and it’ll be a free upgrade for Windows 7 and 8 users! What a great news from Microsoft today. Apart with many great new features, a new web browser named Spartan would come with Windows 10. It’s a brand new Internet browser, more effective, more simply, clean-looking, lightweight browser built around [View Full Post]

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