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Apple Watch 2 Review

Welcome to And finally, our round-up of the rumours, half-truths and smaller stories from the past week. At Wareable we try to steer clear of baseless speculation, but every Sunday we indulge ourselves a little. Read on for a bumper dose of speculation, in what could be our most exciting And finally to date. Big [View Full Post]

Apple Released 7.9 Tablet iPad Mini

Apple Released 7.9 Tablet iPad Mini

Yesterday, Apple release a new tablet iPad mini, as the biggest competitor for Android 7 inch Tablet, Is iPad mini a good choice. Here is a side-by-side review show you the answer. iPad Mini: Screen The LED-backlit display appears wonderful on the 7.9-inch display. Colours are vivid, text is pin sharp, internet pages render swiftly [View Full Post]

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