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Best Ezvid Alternatives for Mac

Screen Recorder Ezvid Alternatives for Mac

EzVid is a great screen recording solution that lets you capture any ongoing activity that is being done on the display of your computer, with optional inclusion of internal or external audio. Due to its ease of use, EzVid has been in the mind of many people and has been enjoying popularity by many fans, [View Full Post]

Free websites to download music and videos

Top 10 Video Downloader Apps for iPhone

iPhone operates on iOS which is a closed operating system, it doesn’t allow you to modify the native applications on it, but there are many ways around to sort out small problems on iPhone. For example: You can’t download videos directly from YouTube, Dailymotion or any other video streaming websites but there are tons of [View Full Post]

Top 5 iPhoto Alternatives for Windows

iPhoto is the built-in photo application that contains a bundle of tools for you to get more form your photos. Apple’s introduction for iPhoto says it all: “From your Facebook Wall to your coffee table to your best friend’s inbox (or mailbox). Do more with your photos than you ever thought possible. And do it [View Full Post]

Best PDF Watermark Remover for Mac

Watermark is one of the best ways to protect your documents against theft or unauthorized use online. If you are wondering on how to remove these watermarks from your PDF files, then you don’t need to worry. Using a batch PDF Watermark Remover for Mac, you can remove batch watermarks without any hassle. These programs [View Full Post]

Top 10 DVD Players for Mac

Online stores have discovered a trending market in the form of DVD Player software for Mac users all over the world, thus creating a business opportunity for program developers around the world who are licensed by Apple. However, as such, there are quality Players and sham Players out there and one is tasked with finding [View Full Post]

Best 10 iPhone Data Recovery Software

Where can I get data recovery programs for iOS 11? Data recovery programs can be purchased online from online software companies. They can also be downloaded freely from online websites and installed on your device. We also have different shops that sell software including the Apple store and one can obtain the software from there. [View Full Post]

Top 5 YouTube Downloader for iPhone

Nowadays, YouTube provides a lot of videos in high definition quality. You can either watch these videos online or download them to your device first, for instance iPhone 7. The good thing about downloading YouTube videos to your iPhone is that you can be able to watch them anywhere, anytime you want. Even if you [View Full Post]

Best 10 Plugins for iPhoto

When you are using an Apple device, you may need some very important and necessary plugins for your iPhoto. Here are 10 iPhoto Plugins in details that are useful to make your iPhoto experiences easier, safe and comfortable. Plugin 1: Duplicate Annihilator Price: $7.95 Duplicate Annihilator is the best plugin for iPhoto to eliminate duplication [View Full Post]