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SmartWatch Pebble 2 Review

When Pebble showed up on the scene in 2012, there wasn’t really a scene at all. The smartwatch market was barely nascent, before exploding into the huge industry it is today. Yet Pebble’s open, OS-agnostic approach has helped it keep its status as a bit of a wearable cult hero. While we’ve seen a handful [View Full Post]

Sony PlayStation VR Review

PlayStation VR launches on October 13th, but today is review day and we’ve got a detailed PSVR review ready for you! For those who don’t want to dig into the full review, here’s our handy summary. For the rest of you, we’ve got 2,000 words awaiting your eyes. PlayStation VR Review Summary PlayStation VR is a [View Full Post]

Samsung Gear IconX Earbud Review

We’re going through a wire-cutting renaissance. In 10 years’ time, when wireless charging and earphones rule our tech, we’ll probably look back and laugh at how silly and “retro” we all looked walking around with wires dangling from our faces. Helping lead the charge into this wire-free future is Samsung, which has launched its wireless [View Full Post]

Best Waterproof Fitness Trackers for Swimming

For many people looking for a fitness tracker for swimming, the waterproof rating is the most important factor. That’s why we’ve picked the best of the bunch of 1 ATM and IP68 rated bands that can survive a dip in the pool, which should be on the shopping list for any swimming enthusiast. But we [View Full Post]

Full Review of Sony PlayStation VR

There’s a lot riding on the PlayStation VR. Sony’s VR ambitions. Maybe the VR industry as a whole. With more than 46 million PS4s in households already, it’s common knowledge that it’ll probably completely trash Oculus Rift and HTC Vive sales. How many people do you know who could afford more to drop than $1,000 [View Full Post]

Best Oculus Rift Games

The Oculus Rift is out, which means you’ll be needing something to play. We’ve known about some of the most exciting Rift games for some time now, but the Facebook-owned company keeps rolling out more and more titles. With Oculus Touch launching soon on 6 December, we’re betting a lot of Rifters will get the $199 [View Full Post]