How Tools And Tech Can Make Running Social Easier

How Tools And Tech Can Make Running Social Easier

Social media is all but essential for businesses today. They provide a wide variety of benefits to businesses, from helping them connect with and engage new or existing customers, to providing a place to sell products natively right there in a customer’s social feed.

But with such a plethora of different social platforms to manage, it can be tricky staying on top of each one’s social calendar. It takes time to regularly create and post social content, not to mention to respond to your customer community.

Thankfully, there are countless pieces of tech and tools available to help make running your social strategy quicker and easier. Read on to learn how.

Keep your social calendar up to date with a good scheduling tool

This is perhaps one of the most essential tools you need to help make the day-to-day management of your social strategy easier.

Social scheduling tools let you upload, plan, and coordinate your social campaigns on both a granular and overarching level.

Naturally, there are myriad different tools for each platform. Facebook and Twitter are well served by the likes of Hootsuite and Sprout Social, but more visual platforms such as Instagram and in particular Pinterest, less so.

Planoly is a strong contender for the best Instagram scheduling tool, as it lets you plan your feed ahead of time so you can view it in a top-down format. This lets you plan mosaics and other creative styles ahead of time with ease.


Pinterest has a few decent scheduling tools available for it, of which the most effective is Tailwind. As well as letting you schedule Pins with ease ahead of time, it also offers comprehensive analytics so you can reveal deep insights into the people engaging with your Pins.

There is a plethora of different social scheduling tools out there, each with different methods of letting you manage and upload your social calendar. Some, for instance, let you bulk upload your calendar via a CSV file. Others, however, only let you schedule one post at a time.

Consequently, it’s worth taking advantage of their free trials and checking as many reviews as you can first before committing to a single tool. Find the tech that is easiest and most intuitive for you (or, indeed, your team) to use, and your social media management will run much smoother.

Stay on top of customer conversations with social monitoring tools

Social media is all about conversation. Billions of conversations happen on social every day. These conversations cover everything from culture to personal lives, and invariably your brand will be mentioned too.

Social media monitoring tools let you stay alert for these mentions so you can respond to them in real-time. From complaints to queries, you can continue to have real conversations with your customers as they happen.

As well as notifying you when people tag your brand on social, these tools also spot when your business is mentioned without actually tagging you by letting you monitor specific keywords.

This is vital for spotting potentially damaging conversations (for instance, if someone is complaining about your business) even if they haven’t mentioned you, making your life that much easier in the long run.

Some of the most popular social media monitoring tools include Brandwatch, a suite of three useful tools for marketing teams.

Social Media

Beyond its audience insights and visualization tool, it also offers a stellar social monitoring service that lets you stay on top of your conversations in a single easy to use dashboard.

As with social scheduling tools, before investing in a social media monitoring tool, always take advantage of the free trials on offer. Different tools have different interfaces, so it’s worth trialling a few to determine the tools that work for you and your team.

Create a workspace that lets you manage your social with ease

While web-based tools can certainly make your management of social easier, the actual physical infrastructure of your workspace can make all the difference too.

Whether you’re creating a social calendar for the next fortnight, bulk uploading posts, or managing your social community, more often than not you need multiple screens to view

While it might seem a little leftfield, the way your workplace is set up makes managing your social strategy that much easier.

Consider your screen space, for instance. Two good-sized monitors connected together (this is easily done — all you need is a decent 19:9 aspect ratio monitor (Dell Ultrasharp is a popular option) and Mini DisplayPort and Thunderbolt cables) lets you quickly complete tasks without the need to scroll through multiple tabs and documents.

Other useful bits of tech that can make your workspace easier to work in include an ergonomic keyboard such as the Microsoft Sculpt, and naturally, a swivel chair on rollers makes it easier to peruse your screens without damaging your neck. Good social calendars typically take a long time to perfect, so if you’re sat at your desk for a long time, a comfortable workspace is vital.

With social media management such an important part of your business strategy, it’s worth spending a little money on some tools and tech that make it easier.

From social scheduling tools that let you coordinate your posts ahead of time to monitoring tools that ensure you’re always a part of the conversation (and not to mention a positive workspace to manage it all from), these tools can make managing your social media strategy that much easier.

Follow the tips above and find the tools and tech that work for you. Soon, your social strategy will feel like a breeze, helping your business grow and grow well into 2020.

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