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How to Share Music and Movies With Friends and Family

What about transferring your favorite songs or videos with your friends and family to share your joy? Admittedly, trying to copy your contents to others’ Mac even iOS devices is extremely difficult if you haven’t a good helper. The Apple Company is masterful at sharing media files especially with those files purchased in iTunes store. [View Full Post]

How to fix “Computer Cannot Recognize iPhone” on Mac and Windows

The computer not recognizing iPhone is an issue that a number of users face. It is therefore one of the problems that should be addressed ASAP. The fact of the matter is that the users thinking that my computer won’t recognize my iPhone or my computer doesn’t recognize my iPhone are reluctant due to their [View Full Post]

How to Run Android Apps on Windows Phone for free

If you have ever used Android or iOS before, you must have realized that the sophistication of the user experience of Windows phones is simply unmatched. However, even though Microsoft has always dominated the PC market, it does not enjoy a comparable reputation in the world of mobile phones. The main reason behind this is [View Full Post]

How to Choose the Right Garmin Watch?

Garmin has an impossibly large selection of running watches, but how can you choose which is best for you? With watches aimed at beginner runners to performance triathletes it’s all too easy to overspend for features you don’t really need. Choosing the right running watch is all about zeroing in on your own personal fitness [View Full Post]

Ultimate Guide of Android Wear

Of course you know exactly what Android Wear is. You’re a regular reader of ReviewsTown. But do you really know everything about Google’s smartwatch OS? Do you know exactly what Android Wear does and how it works, and what the best Android Wear smartwatches are? And do you know the must-have Android Wear apps and [View Full Post]