How to Transfer Files Between iPhone and Android Phone

How to transfer files between iPhone and Android Phone

You are a Samsung phone user, and you want to switch to the new iPhone, like the coming iPhone. Or you’ve been living in the Apple iOS world for a while and now you’re looking to give a new Galaxy or Note ago. Changing platforms from Android to iOS or iOS to Android is not so difficult if you get in the right way. And here is a step by step guide show you how to transfer files between iOS and Android. And this guide works for file types including Contacts, Messages, Notes, Videos, Music, Photos and Apps.

This tutorial will include two parts:

1. Transfer files from Android Phone to iPhone (Sumsang to iPhone)

2. Transfer files from iPhone to Android Phone (iPhone to Samsung)

The tool you need is this Phone to Phone Transfer. I have tried so many methods to transfer files between my phones, both freeware and shareware. Some are difficult to use, some can only transfer contacts instead of the whole Phone data, some even have viruses and spyware. And this app beat others, worked fairly well. Now, let’s start the guide.

Download Phone to Phone Transfer for WindowsDownload Phone to Phone Transfer for Mac

Part 1. How to transfer data from Android Phone to iPhone (Samsung to iPhone)

Step 1. Download and install the Phone to Phone Transfer (also named as MobileTrans). Launch it. Select the ‘Phone to Phone Transfer‘ mode. Please make sure you have install iTunes already, only in this way, the Phone to Phone Transfer can run normally.

Tips. This software is not only for iPhone and Android Phone, but for any iOS devices and Android Devices. Which means you can transfer files between iPad and Android Tablet, iPhone and iPod, iPhone and iPad, Android and Android too.

supported devices

Step 2. Connect your Samsung Phone and iPhone to computer through the USB cables. The software will recognize your phones as follow screenshot:

Android Phone to iPhone

Step 3. In the default setting, this Phone transfer will copy all the files from the Samsung phone to the iPhone, if this is what you want, just click the ‘Start Copy‘ to run the transfer process. If you just want to transfer some files like only contacts instead of the whole library. You have to uncheck the files by manually first. Please do not disconnect the phones during the transfer process. That’s all, after all things done, you can disconnect your phones, and you will find your Samsung phone files are all on your iPhone.

Transfer Data

Part 2. How to transfer data from iPhone to Android Phone (iPhone to Samsung)

The operation is the same as the part 1. After you connect your iPhone and Android devices to computer, just need to click the ‘Flip‘ button on the software. This will turn your iPhone as the source phone, and the Android Devices as the destination phone. And then select the files you want to transfer and click ‘Start Copy‘, that’s all.

If you need more details, here is a step by step video guide for you:

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