How to transfer files between Nokia and Android

How to Transfer Files Between Nokia and Android

Google Android is more and more popular than Nokia Symbian, if you are an old Nokia user, and you are going to get a New Android Phone. This step by step guide will show you how to transfer the data from your old Nokia phone to the new one. This tutorial works for phone file types including Contacts, SMS Messages, Songs, Photos, Videos, Notes and some apps. The guide is easy to understand, even you are technology challenger, you can handle it.

The tool you need is this Nokia to Android Transfer, it supports all version of Google Androids. And it’s compatible with Symbian 40, Symbian 60 and even Symbian 3. Now, let’s start the guide.

Download Nokia to Android Transfer for Windows Download Nokia to Android Transfer for Mac

Step1. Download and install the Nokia to Android Transfer, and then launch it. Use two USB cables to connect both your Nokia and Android phones to the computer. They will appear on the software window after they are detected by the program, with Nokia Phone the Source on the left, Google Android Phone the Destination on the right. The “Flip” button is used for exchange two phones’ positions. This will let you transfer files from Android to Nokia.

Nokia Data to Android

Step2. Select the files you want to transfer. You can selectively check the content: Contacts, Text messages, Photos, Music and Videos. After that, just click on “Start Copy” to get the data switching started.

Step3. Click on “OK” when the transferring process is over. That’s all, now you will have all your Nokia phone data on the new Android phone.

If you need more specific, here is a video tutorial for you.

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