Transfer iPhone Files to HTC

How to Transfer Contacts Photos Videos and Songs from iPhone to HTC

So I’m getting bored with iPhone and I really like the HTC one and would like to get it( been waiting for awhile) but I got to thinking I have a lot of music on my phone and I need to make sure that I’m able to somehow transfer that music to HTC one. The last thing you want to occur I guess may be that you purchase a perfect HTC One M8, but stuck all your data, like contacts and music on your old iPhone. Confused about what you can do? Here is good news for you. There’s a program to help you transfer iPhone data to HTC hassle freely.

iPhone to HC

Step 1. Run Phone to Phone Transfer on Your PC, and then launch it. On the homepage, select “Phone to Phone” Transfer mode and click Start. Now you should have arrived at the phone transfer window.


Step 2. Connect your iPhone and HTC to your Computer via USB cables. Your devices will automatically be displayed within the transfer window. Select whether you would like to transfer all content or select individual data you would like to transfer.


Step 3. Click Start Copy to initiate the data transfer process and ensure you do not disconnect either device while the transfer is still in progress. Click OK to complete the process once the status bar has reached 100% completion.