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How to Transfer Camcorder Video to Computer

If you have some camcorder video that you want to copy to computer for further editing or sharing. Here is a step by step guide will show you how to transfer camcorder video to PC for free and safe. Al thinks you need are come with Windows System, you don’t have to buy any software or install anything. The only think you need is a Fireware DV cable to connect your camcorder to computer.

4 pin firewire cable

I have a Canon ZR800 digital camcorder, and I take it as example in this tutorial.

  • Step1. Buy a 4-pin Fireware cable at bestbuy or amazon. Because my PC and my camcorder already have a 4-pin fireware port.
  • Step2. Connect the 4-pin end of the cable into your camcorder and the other end into your IEEE1395 4-pin or 6-pin Firewire port on your computer. If you don’t have a Firewire port on your computer, you can get a Firewire CardBus Adapter that will plug into an available PCMCIA slot.
  • Step3. Plug in your camcorder to PC, turn on the camcorder and Windows will automatically install the necessary drivers. You’ll be prompted to import video from your camcorder using Windows Import Video, a free service that’s bundled with Windows.
  • Step4. Windows Import Video will automatically rewind your MiniDV cassette if you haven’t done so already, and will begin to import your video. The camcorder will play your video during the import, and the resulting file will be have a .avi file extension. That’s all, it couldn’t be easier transfer camcorder video to PC like that.

If you want to import camcorder video to Mac, please follow this guide of import camcorder video into Mac.

Bruce Valdeo

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