This is a step by step tutorial is about how to jailbreak the iPad with iOS 4.3.3 or above. It will tell you everything about jailbreak iPad. Like what’s jailbreak iPad? Why you jailbreak iPad? How to jailbreak iPad, etc. It’s easy to understand, even computer novice can handle with the job. It’s free and safe.

Part 1. What is jailbreak iPad

Jailbreaking is the process required to install applications Cyida in your iPad. It is a very easy procedure. It’s also safe: There are no risks in this operation, as you can easily use iTunes to restore your iPad to the default factory settings.

Part 2. Why you jailbreak iPad (advantage)

  • 1. Jailbreak iPad let you install really cool and useful applications that are not in the iTunes App Store. Many of these apps are a complete must for any iPad user but are not allowed by iTunes App Store.
  • 2. iPad jailbreak will allow you to customize your springboard through the jailbreak-only app Winterboard! You can customize your iPad themes, background, wallpaper, sound, etc. Make your iPad look cooler and more special.
  • 3. Jailbreak iPad will let you download and play free games. You can use NES emulator and Playstation emulator on iPad 2 easily. Enjoy many cool and free games.
  • 4. You can watch flash video on iPad directly beside YouTube, such as Hulu, Myspace, etc.
  • 5. You can enable your iPad used as a mobile drive, transfer files easily.

Part 3. How to jailbreak iPad for free and safe

First, the things that you need:

An internet connection;

An iPad;

JailbreakMe 3.0;

Now, let’s start the guide to jailbreak iPad

Step1. Make sure your iPad is running iOS 4.3.3 software.

Step2. Back up your iPad again using iTunes.

Step3. Once you have backed up your iPad files, open Safari on your iPad and go to

Step4. Once the page has opened, you should see the following screen

Jailbreak iPad 2

Step5. Click on the “FREE” button under the Cydia icon, this will then change to “INSTALL”.

Step6. Click on “INSTALL” button and it will dump you back to the home screen.

Jailbreak iPad 2 free

Step7. You should now see the Cydia brown icon installing on your iPad home screen. Once complete, open Cydia by tapping on the icon on your iPad home screen

Jailbreak iPad 2 safe

Step8. Select one of the three user options, normally User. Hit done, which will appear in the top right of the box when you have selected Who Are You.

Jailbreak iPad 2 successfully

That’s it, you’re done! You should now see the Cydia home screen on your iPad. It is now jailbroken and you have full access to all the Cydia jailbreak goodness!

If you are looking for free cool Apps and Games for iPad, refer to this free iPad resources.

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