How to delete duplicate songs from iTunes

How to Delete Duplicate Songs from iTunes – Remove Duplicate Songs

Sometimes, you may transfer music from another computer to your iTunes, or retrieve some songs from iPod to your iTunes. And you will find there are lots of duplicate songs on the iTunes. And this step by step guide will show you how to delete the duplicate songs from iTunes; it will not affect any other songs and videos. And it’s easy to understand, even you are computer rookie can handle with it. Now, let’s start it.

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If you are allowing iTunes to manage your files, you can just copy the entire iTunes folder (and all the subfolders) somewhere else. If you are managing the files yourself, take a look and be sure where you stand. Missing tracks is much worse than duplicate tracks.

First you need to check if you have duplicate items listed, but they are actually the same files. You can do this by sorting the tracks in name order (click on the Name column header), then right clicking one of the duplicates, and choosing Get Info

Find duplicate iTunes songs

Click on the Summary tab, and take a look at the file path after the Where: and then click on the Previous and Next buttons and compare the duplicates. Make sure the file names are at least a little bit different, or deleting one will delete both. In my case I have an Africa.mp3 and an Africa(1).mp3, for example.

iTunes summary information

The other thing to watch for is that the tracks are not near-duplicates. You know the stuff. You have the studio version, the live one, the unplugged one from the Nineties, the extended dance remix… be sure you really want to get rid of those. Oh, lose the dance one. Go on.

You probably already know you have some, and sorting your library by Title will certainly make it more apparent. If you have a small library, perhaps that’s all the help you need.

Display Duplicate iTunes songs

The first level of assistance is to ask iTunes to show you the duplicates. That’s easy. With your library still sorted by Title, click on File -> Display Duplicates. This was when I started to get concerned. That’s a lot of duplicate tracks.

If you want to reduce the work here a little, you can also ask iTunes to take a little more care with the selection. By default it’s only going to check the titles, but if you click on the Show All button to put things back to normal, and then go back through the process but this time hold the Shift key down while you click on File then you’ll get a Display Exact Duplicates option. For me, this made no difference at all but your mileage will vary depending on how you got the duplicates in the first place.

After that, the process consists of deleting the one (or more if necessary) duplicate files that you don’t want. That’s all. It couldn’t be easier.

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