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How to transfer music video from iPod to computer and iTunes

How to Transfer Music Video from iPod to Computer and iTunes

Sometimes, you lost your iTunes library, or your computer crashed and you have to format your computer, but the songs and movies are still on your iPod, you may want to transfer them from iPod back to computer. Or you may get a new computer, you want to copy the music and video from iPod [View Full Post]

How to transfer music between iTunes and Windows Media Player

How to Transfer Music Between iTunes and Windows Media Player

You may have some music on Windows Media Player, and you want to add them into iTunes library for your new iPod or iPhone. Or you may want to move your iTunes bough music to Windows Media Player for portable devices such as Zen, Zune, Phone, Sansa, Archos, MP3/MP4 Player, etc. It’s easy to do [View Full Post]

How to transfer iTunes library to another computer

How to Transfer iTunes Library to Another Computer

Sometime you may have this problem: You have an old computer which holds all your iTunes library including music, video, movie, tv shows, etc. And now you get a new computer, you want to transfer iTunes library from the old computer to the new one. And here is a step by step guide will provide [View Full Post]

How to share iTunes library with multiple computers

How to Share iTunes Library with Multiple Computers

More and more family has multiple computers now, and it’s very convenient to share the iTunes library over the network. This can keep you from purchasing multiple copies of movies or songs. You can also separate the iTunes library on your own computer with your moms or dads. Now let’s start the guide. If you [View Full Post]

How to record download stream videos

How to Record Stream Video and Download Online Video for Free

More and more website using stream video, and there must be some funny video clips or cool movies you want to download for further editing, burn to DVD to play on TV, upload to your facebook, etc. And this step by step guide will show you how to record the stream videos and download online [View Full Post]

How to play MP4 MKV FLV with WMP

How to Play MP4 MOV MKV FLV TS HD Videos on Windows Media Player

Windows Media player is the most popular video player build-in all windows system, it’s free and easy-to-use. Unfortunately, windows media player supports only certain kinds of files because it only ships with certain video and audio codes, not works for camera mp4 or mov video, YouTube downloaded flv video, blu-ray ripped mkv video, etc. But [View Full Post]

How to jailbreak iPod touch free and safe

How to Jailbreak iPod Touch for Free and Safe

This is a step by step guide about how to jailbreak iPod Touch. It will tell you everything about jailbreak iPod. Like what’s jailbreak iPod touch? Why you jailbreak iPod touch? How to jailbreak iPod Touch, etc. It’s easy to understand, even computer novice can handle with the job. It’s free and safe. Part 1. [View Full Post]