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6 Reasons to Consider Buying an Apple Watch 44mm

Apple Watch 44mm Series 6 comes with an improved always-on display along with ECG and blood oxygen measurement capabilities. The watch garners some noteworthy customization options when it comes to band choice or case finish. It’s the only watch that users can configure with titanium, stainless steel, and aluminum finish.

The Apple Watch Series 6 is referred to as the always-on model due to the comfort that it offers in day-to-day use. Let’s discuss some common reasons to buy the 44mm Apple Watch.

Faster Processor

Apple Watch Series 6 comes with a faster processor that delivers better performance than the previous series. The new processor gives you better overall speed when accomplishing general tasks and using applications.

Apple claims that the processor integrated into Apple Watch Series 6 is 20 times faster than the previous models. If you are using Apple Watch Series 2 or older models, you won’t get the latest operating system WatchOS 7 updates.

Buying a Series 6 is a good investment whether you are looking for health monitoring or recording your sleep patterns. You can do anything from streaming music to setting up alarms by searching the web for how to set alarm on Mac or how to download apps.

Health Monitoring Features

The Blood Oxygen Sensor, also known as a spO2 sensor, is a new feature added to Apple Series 6 Watch. It helps detect the oxygen saturation in the blood to identify if the patient is asthmatic. Also, you can track your oxygen levels during physical activity like exercising.

A low oxygen level in the blood is an indication that you need medical attention. It is helpful in identifying COVID infection so that you can isolate yourself immediately. It alerts you if the blood oxygen levels may go high or low so that you can take medical help in a timely manner.

The spO2 sensor comes in-built within Apple Watch, and you can also have digital recordings of the spO2 readings to share with the medical profession. Fever-detecting Apple Watch is an excellent innovation in wrist tech that gives you an accurate health monitor.

New Apple Watch Color

new apple watch color

So, if you want to buy an Apple Watch in a new color, go for the 44mm variant. You can buy it to rock the new color or want people to notice that you have got the new model. If you want to flaunt your Apple Watch, series 6 models come in new colors that are worth noticing.

They look trendy in comparison to the Apple Watch Series 2 or previous models and add a style statement to your personality. Apple Watch Series 6 aluminum models come in new blue and bright red colors that give them an outstanding appearance.

The stainless variant of the Apple Watch Series 6 is available in Gold stainless and Dark Gray stainless.

Better and Brighter Display

The new always-on display is more than two times brighter, which makes the display more accessible in the sunlight even when the Watch is turned off. The 44mm Apple Watch comes with display dimensions of 448X368 pixels.

Apple Watch 44mm display is recommended if you are looking for a larger font size with slightly bigger images. Some users may not find it helpful, while it’s a significant change for many.

None of the two models, including the 40mm and 44mm variants, is enormous. The display you select for the wrist must be one that fits comfortably. It must not appear larger in proportion to your wrist size. So, keep that in mind.

Battery Life

apple watch battery life

The 44mm variant of the Apple Watch Series 6 has a slightly larger battery than the 40mm model. This is something that matters to most users, particularly if you travel a lot and charging the watch every few hours is not possible.

Apple Watch Series 6 44mm version is best for travel bloggers or other professionals as it gives you a good battery backup. The estimated battery life is 18 hours which is similar to Series 5; the difference is that it drains less battery when tracking certain workouts.

It also drains less battery while streaming music, and sometimes it can give you a day-long scratch without charging. The battery drainage is based on the usage, though.

Always-on Altimeter

Apple Watch Series 6 44 mm features an always-on altimeter that allows you to check your indoor and outdoor elevations in real-time. So, if you are a fitness freak or an adventurous person who loves skiing or hiking activities.

The watch retrieves data from GPS, barometric pressure sensors, and nearby WiFi networks that help determine your location and update elevation. This feature is helpful in hurricane season as it tells you the accurate elevation above sea level.

So, that can help you buy or rent a house at a safer height in hurricane-affected areas. An always-on altimeter helps you in informed decision-making when buying a house.

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