How to pair bluetooth earphone to Sony Playstation

How to Pair your Bluetooth Earphone to Sony PlayStation?

People excitedly waiting for their PS5, and a gaming PS5 headset to go with it. If you’re waiting on a delivery of PS5 compatible headphones or are wondering how to connect Bluetooth headphones to a PS5, this blog will explore everything you need to know.

We can’t promise that you’ll be happy with the outcome – Sony have tightened the list of compatible headphones and headsets that can connect. However, there are other ways to connect your headphones.

3 Features that Fans Desperately Wanted from Sony PS5

Before the PS5’s release, fans were desperately waiting to see if certain features appeared. Much talked about on the internet, gamers eagerly awaited the announcements and confirmations.

Three key features gamers were asking for

  1. Bluetooth headset support: As you can see above, people were eager to be able to connect their own headphones to their PlayStation. It was the number one demand for some fans, so they could save time and money.
  2. Better in-game chat: Gamers asked for a stronger connection so they could be heard more clearly.
  3. PS4 through PS1 backward-compatibility: Fans wanted to be able to play their favorite PS1, 2 and 3 games on the PS4 (and, now, PS5). This has been a huge demand for years now, which Sony sidestepped by re-releasing certain games like Crash Bandicoot and Spyro.

Why Are Bluetooth Audio Devices Not Supported by PS4?

The Play Station 4 doesn’t support A2DP, which stands for Advanced Audio Distribution Profile. This is a transfer standard for Bluetooth connections: a source sends audio signals to the A2DP recipient to be decoded. In this case, your PlayStation would send the signals to your headphone, which would decode them and create the audio.

A2DP lags at around 100-200ms, which would make things feel weird when you are using the two devices together. As such, you can’t pair most of the Bluetooth devices to the PS4.

How to Pair Your Bluetooth Headphones to PS5

Is the PS5 compatible with Bluetooth headphones? Well, when it comes to the new PS5 console you got for Christmas, there’s good and bad news. If you have a compatible Bluetooth headset, you’ll be able to connect. These include: Sony/PlayStation branded headsets…that’s it, really. Otherwise, because the PS5 faces the same connectivity issues as the PS4, you’ll have to connect through your headphone jack. It’s the easiest and most reliable way to connect any pair of headphones.

3 Ways to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to Your Play Station

If you’d like to connect Bluetooth headphones to PS, don’t worry. There are 3 key ways for you to try. Just choose the easiest way for you, and then follow the instructions step by step to pair your Bluetooth headphones or headset.

1. Connect to the PS with the supported Bluetooth devices

The simplest way to connect your Bluetooth headset or headphones to your PlayStation is, unsurprisingly, through Bluetooth. As we mentioned before, this can be difficult if you don’t have the Sony branded headphones. If you do, it’s quick and easy to do. On a PS4, you can try to connect any pair of Bluetooth headphones to your console by turning them on, then selecting the following:

  • Settings -> Devices -> Bluetooth Devices -> (Select your headphones)

If this doesn’t work, you can always try connecting your headphones to your television or even your controller.

2. Connect the Bluetooth headset wired to the PS

If your Bluetooth headset or headphones aren’t supported by your PlayStation, you can still use them for audio. This will require taking your cable and plugging your headphones into the headphone jack on your console or controller. However, you might not be able to chat if you are wired in, unless your headphones have a mic on the wire.

3. Connect the Bluetooth headset to the PS by a USB adapter

You can also connect by using a USB adapter. To do so, you need to plug your USB adapter in and then head to:

  • Settings -> Devices -> Audio Devices -> Output Device -> USB Headset -> Output to headphones -> All Audio

Pros and Cons of Sony PlayStation Platinum Wireless Headset

Having made it difficult for other headphone brands to connect to the PlayStation via Bluetooth, Sony has created a premium brand. The cost of its headphones and headsets reflects this. But, are they worth the money?


  1. Excellent sound: With surround sound and 3D audio as selected features, Sony headsets aren’t messing around when it comes to good audio.
  2. Comfortable for long gaming sessions: it’s incredibly important to be comfortable when you game for a long time, and these headphones don’t disappoint.
  3. 3D audio is a game-changer: We mentioned 3D audio, but it really is incredible. Perfect for gaming, this feature brings the concept of immersion into another world to a whole new level.


  1. Sub-optimal microphone setup: if you’re going to be gaming with other people, you need your mic to be as good as your audio.
  2. Price: Sony headphones are an investment, with higher price points than a lot of headsets out there.
Bruce Valdeo