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WinExt® Key Launcher 2.0

WinExt® Key Launcher 2.0 Key Features:

+ Open Resource by Keyboard at Any Place of Windows
+ Supports to Open Programs or Other Files, Folders or Drives, and Web Sites or Pages by Keyboard
+ Automatically Lists the Installed Applications
+ Open Resource by Only Two Keys (Ctrl+? or Alt+?)
+ Can Use the Same Number Key of the Left and Right Keyboards to Open Different Resources

Please note: 1 Year Single License (1 PC) is included in this version. Click here to get a VERY BIG discount for other advanced licenses on the promotion day!

User rating: 31 (65%) 17 (35%) 7 comments

WinExt® Key Launcher 2.0 System Requirements:

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The silence is deafening – does this mean no-one needs this program, or no-one understands how it works?

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