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Storecalc 1.43

Storecalc 1.43 Key Features:

Simple warehouse software, warehouse calculator. It allows to organize elementary warehouse calculation for a small own business.
The program saves codes, names, prices, last movement dates and product rests in a warehouse (product quantity and cost). You can sort products, perform searches in a large database, add and delete records as you please.

Just a few keystrokes execute the following actions:
– Adding products to a warehouse
– Subtracting products from a warehouse
– Changing product price
– Product search
– Sorting product list
– Reviewing product movement
– Removing product from a warehouse
– And some other actions…

User rating: 28 (78%) 8 (22%) 23 comments

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User Reviews of Storecalc 1.43

Better add user’s manual and quick work through guide. I was puzzled why I cannot input data for a while.

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