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PDF Redactor Pro 1.0

PDF Redactor Pro 1.0 Key Features:

PDF Redactor is a Windows PDF redaction software tool designed to redact (black out) or delete sensitive text and images to protect the privacy of PDF content. The Redact function can completely delete the selected text and graphics from the PDF file and cover the original area with a color. In addition to the default black color, users can also choose their favorite color to cover these sensitive content areas. The Delete function is to delete the selected text and graphics without color coverage directly.

Features and Highlights

  • Redact & Black Out PDF Text
  • Delete Sensitive PDF Content
  • Customize the Redaction Area Color
  • Support Secured PDFs & Unlock Automatically
  • Rotate PDF Pages
  • Add Text and Images to PDF
  • User rating: 26 (84%) 5 (16%) 10 comments

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    I’m personally fond of https://www.chromepdf.com/

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