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MetaDock 1.0

MetaDock 1.0 Key Features:

Still Switching Between Tabs? That’s Stale.
MetaDock allows you to split your screen so you can do more without having to switch between tabs or incognito browsers.
Split screen your browser windows
The only limit is the size of your monitor
Multi-login on any website
No more incognito, or multiple browsers.
Stay logged in as long as the site permits.
Build your own custom layouts
Switch between them with ease
Multi-chat for most chat platforms
You can talk to more than one person or group at once, without even switching windows.

User rating: 31 (63%) 18 (37%) 52 comments

MetaDock 1.0 System Requirements:

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For those who didn’t get a license key but did register in time, not all is lost. You can still email me at contact -at- metadock.org and I will still get you sorted.

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