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Image Former Professional 2.0

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Do you know the phenomenon of the leaking sea? It arises when you want to capture a sunset on the beach with your digital camera, but don’t straighten the horizon. So later you get the impression that the sea is about to run out – what a shame about a unique motif!

With Image Former you can get your pictures in top shape in no time at all: select any number of pictures, define actions and start conversion. Whether you want to rotate images, crop edges or correct colors, Image Former automatically applies the changes you want to all selected images. The Windows tool also has full control of enlarging or reducing the size and brings your image files into the desired format quickly and easily.

Speaking of format: Image Former changes the file format of your images on request, for example to JPEG, PNG , BMP and GIF. Even PDF and PSD are available in both input and output formats.

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User Reviews of Image Former Professional 2.0

66% thumbs down…? It would be nice if those giving a negative would comment as to why, so they could help the rest of us determine if this is something we would like to check out… But I’m guessing the limited 6-month licence (can it really be classified as a “giveaway”?) may have something to do with it (as opposed to its usual 14 day trial period). But if you’d like to know a bit more about it there’s a helpful review here – http://www.davidsavage.co.uk/ascomp-image-former-review/ It seems to me that its most useful feature is the ability to rotate images by incremental degrees; I know I have a few that could use this, especially those that were taken from moving boats…! But the limited licence means I will be giving this a miss.

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