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Fat File Finder 3.4.2

Fat File Finder 3.4.2 Key Features:

Fat File Finder is the quickest way to find big files in your computer and remove them to gain disk space.

With Fat File Finder, you select a folder to be the root of search, a minimum size of the files to look for, and Fat File Finder searches folders and sub-folders, finding you the files matching the criteria. With Fat File Finder, you can also specify a size range to search.

After locating the big files in you machine, Fat File Finder allows you to select those you no longer use and trash them or remove them to gain space immediately. Fat File Finder presents a pie chart representing real-time free & utilized disk space.

Fat File Finder can search any folder on your computer, including the system folders, so if you choose to remove a file under a system folder, make sure you know what you are removing.

Main Features:

1. Fat File Finder finds files on any folder in your Mac, including system folders.
2. Recursive search of folders and sub-folders. You can limit how many subfolders down the tree to search.
3. You can trash or remove files permanently to gain space immediately.
4. Pie graph representing real-time free and used disk space.

Extra Features:

1. Ability to search for a size range.
2. Ability to refine searches.
2. Ability to switch space unit to KB, MB, or GB.
3. Fast search.

Fat File Finder will help you free up disk space you no longer use. The tool is straightforward, effective, and fast.

System Requirements: Windows 7/ 8/ 10/ 11 Publisher: PCWinSoft Homepage: https://www.pcwinsoft.com/free-up-space-on-disk.asp File Size: 1.2 MB Licence details: lifetime Price: $ 19.90


Fat File Finder 3.4.2 System Requirements:

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