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Easy Cinemagraphs Creator 1.00

Easy Cinemagraphs Creator 1.00 Key Features:

Unfortunately, without the right tool, a cinemagraph is difficult to create and it could take days to make just one. It requires both technical and graphic design expertise. This is why we are extremely excited to be able to tell you that there is now brand new, revolutionary Easy Cinemagraphs Creator software, which makes cinemagraph creation super-easy and fast.

Create Stunning Living Photos That Make Your Stories Come Alive With A Subtle Hint Of Motion That Captivates Your Audience.

Captivate. Engage. Convert — Transforms “Invisible” Posts & Ads Into An Attention Grabbing Monsters.
Almost Impossible To Ignore — Cinemagraphs are almost impossible to ignore & easy to digest.
Fun To Share & Like — Cinemagraphs are fun to share & like, social media is exploding with cinemagraphs that go viral.

Easy To Make:
#1 – Import Video Clip
#2 – Select a still frame to choose the parts to be frozen and in motion.
#3 – Resize Video, Add Image/Text
#4 – Export To Your Computer & Share Online


Easy Cinemagraphs Creator 1.00 System Requirements:

54.8 MB

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