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DVDFab Smoother AI 12.0.6

DVDFab Smoother AI 12.0.6 Key Features:

DVDFab Smoother AI is an AI-powered tool for interpolation and boost video frame rate up to 60 FPS. AI interpolation works with movies, TV Shows, animation videos and more. Especially with action movies and fast-moving sports videos, you will see smoother action lines after AI interpolation. By improving and upgrading the corresponding engine, the effect of frame interpolation is better than the original, resulting in sharper, clearer and smoother videos and animations.

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User Reviews of DVDFab Smoother AI 12.0.6

During the installation, if the user clicks on “Custom” soon enough (I think within 7 seconds), they can choose where to install, whether to create a Desktop shortcut, and finally, whether to “Join User Experience Improvement Program.” I turned that option off as well as the option to create a desktop shortcut (I captured the screen before making the change and after making the change).

After the installation and authorization, in the top right corner, there is a downward pointing triangle that displays a menu of options. The first one is “Common Settings.” When I chose the Common Settings menu, I was surprised to see that the option to “Join User Experience Improvement Program” was turned back on (checked). I have no idea when DVDFab does this since I did exit totally out of the program, and did not discover this artifact until the next day. Regardless, no matter what the user chooses when installing, DVDFab turns it back on behind your back. That isn’t very nice.

Also, the option to choose the Cloud Backup is automatically clicked on. There is a list of accounts of other cloud backups. I have no idea why I am able to see other users backup information. It could be because all of these are under the account we used to authorize: [email protected]

The term DVDFab is a bit ambiguous to users. First off, it is the name of the company, and when reading about DVDFab or worse, having to write about DVDFab, it is not always clear if the writer is referring to the comapny’s name or a computer program with the same name.

Anyway, …during the install, after all of the initial setup completes to 100%, a webpage opens stating “Installation Complete”. The first inclination is that Smoother AI has been installed successfully. Switching back away from the webpage, in my case, there was a Windows Firewall prompt to allow DVDFab access to Private Networks. Meanwhile, there was a Windows-controlled dialog stating “LiveUpdate.exe has stopped working”; the only option was to “Close program.” I denied the Firewall request and closed the LiveUpdate.exe dialog.

Now, the installation setup part (with the monkey image) shows “Start DVDFab 12”. That can be confusing for users expecting to see a reference to the program name they were installing. After clicking on that line, a program starts and displays the prompt to enter the authorization information. Next, there is a display with a long list of DVDFab programs. Near the bottom is where the Smoother AI is shown as authorized. In my case, it was off the screen; I was lucky to notice that I could scroll the list further down. In the bottom right corner is a button labeled “Start DVDFab.” That part is confusing as it is the same as the “Start DVFab 12” minus the “12” part.

Clicking on the “Start DVDFab” opens a program but that program is not labeled Smoother AI. In the middle is a rectangular area with a plus (+) sign in it, and below that, it states, “Click on + button to load a file Or drag & drop files here.”

Across the top are several large icons, each with a name below it. One is labeled Launchpad. Clicking on all the other large icons leads to several different types of tasks controlled by other DVDFab programs that the user may or may not have. Clicking on Launchpad displays another group of options, none labeled Smoother AI. The user must know to choose “Boost Video Frame to 60 FPS” in the “Ripper” section. After doing so, the main window looks the same except that the text below the rectangular box has changed to “Insert disk or click on + button to load a source Or drag & drop files here.” The main difference is that the program needs an ISO file or a folder. That small change may not be obvious initially, so look at that area before and after.

If you click the + button to select a file, notice the file types at the bottom right of the open dialog. You cannot select regular video files, such as an mp4 file. Instead, you need to select an ISO file or an entire folder (ripped from a DVD). Just how long that change to 60FPS takes will vary depending on your system and the amount of data to process. Since it will likely use the full power of the PC for an extended time, make sure your CPU and graphics card have plenty of cooling. Ask yourself, is it worth it to burn out a CPU or graphics card?

DVDFab has not made it easy to understand how their programs work and how they are integrated into their console program (or server?), which I think is called DVDFab. The other individual programs DVDFab offers are listed when DVDFab is started along with a reference if it is authorized and when it expires. That part is nice to know but I had rather have that as an option instead of having to see the entire list first every time I want to start Smoother AI. Each DVDFab program a user has licensed should be started as its name, then if that program needs the console program/server, then it should start it on its own. In that case, I wouldn’t mind seeing that it is authorized and when it expires.

In a few days after installing any DVDFab program, there will be prompts to update DVDFab. Is it updating the program we installed or the console itself? It isn’t clear what is being updated. If it is the console part of the program, are we allowed to do the update without affecting our license of the individual program we installed? Even not updating, every other DVDFab program I have installed loses its license somehow. I have not had a single one last for the entire year promised in the initial giveaway.

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