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Cutout 7

Cutout 7 Key Features:

Create the perfect photo montages, in which you can cut out objects with a few mouse clicks and insert into another photo – just as if you photographed your object in front of this background!

The cutOut has smart tools that help you retouch or remove things from your photos that you don’t want. To make your photos look better, you can use things like the smart eraser or the error brush to do the job.

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User Reviews of Cutout 7

I wish I had posted yesterday when this was live and had everyone’s attention! This version of cutout is even better than the version 5 which I had. I cannot believe how easy it is to cut out images – and the manual is pdf and easy to obtain and read.

I wish there was a Mac version but i pull out my Windows machine and use it for this.
Well worth it and even to buy, it is not too expensive for the ease with which it cuts out unnecessary items! Plus the saved version of the photos is available at very high resolution.

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