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Corrupt PDF Viewer Pro 1.2

Corrupt PDF Viewer Pro 1.2 Key Features:

If you get the “file has been damaged” or the “this is a corrupt PDF” error messages while opening a PDF file with the PDF reader program, that means this PDF file is corrupted and cannot be opened. Corrupt PDF Viewer is a small utility that enables users to open and view damaged PDF files on Windows instantly.

Unlike other PDF repair tools only fix and recover damaged PDFs, Corrupt PDF Viewer can open and display corrupt PDF content directly like opening a regular PDF file. It also enables you to save the content to a new undamaged PDF File, which could be viewed by other PDF readers or web browsers. Besides, Corrupt PDF Viewer supports exporting repaired PDF pages to images, or printing them to printers.

Features of Corrupt PDF Viewer:

  • View Damaged PDF Content Directly
  • Open and View Undamaged Regular PDF Files
  • Repair Corrupt PDF Files and Save to New Undamaged PDFs
  • Print Repaired PDF Content
  • Export Repaired PDF to PNG Images
  • Standalone Tool, Acrobat PDF or Adobe Components are Not Required
  • 100% Clean
  • Portable version available
  • User rating: 54 (84%) 10 (16%) 38 comments

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    I have successfully installed the program on Windows 7 but I have not received any ReadMe file and so have no serial number!
    Where is it, please?

    Rodney Laws
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