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Cash and the City 1.7.0

Cash and the City 1.7.0 Key Features:

Cash and the City is a simple and handy Windows and Android software for planning and tracking personal, family, or small business finances as a cash flow.
Cash and the City makes your finance plans visible and predictable.

– Planning future incomes and expenses
– Tracking actual incomes and expenses
– Scheduling recurrent incomes and expenses
– Forecasting future balance according to planned events
– Balance correction for any date
– Overall statistics as charts
– Monthly statistics as charts and tables
– Password protection
– Export to Excel spreadsheet, CSV file
– Import from custom Excel spreadsheets, custom CSV files
– Auto backup previous file version on save
– Interactive daily balance chart
– Tags feature: set tags for events, filter by tags
– Undo/Redo changes

User rating: 36 (88%) 5 (12%) 26 comments

Cash and the City 1.7.0 System Requirements:

User Reviews of Cash and the City 1.7.0

There is a silly default setting of 0 yes zero decimal places! Currencies like US$ or Euros or GB£ have fractional values of cents or pence and SHOULD be displayed and input-able in ALL finance programs if one is to use it to keep track of income and expenditure accurately!

While in the Settings tab don’t forget to uncheck “Check for updates once a day” as the giveaway license does not permit free updates.

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