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ActorCore Mocap Motions Content Pack

ActorCore Mocap Motions Content Pack Key Features:

ActorCore is a cloud based service offering the highest quality 3D content of mocap motions and rigged characters with natural facial, body and lip-sync animation. These content are controllable in major 3D animation tools, including iClone, Unreal Engine, Unity, Blender, 3ds Max, Maya, Cinema4D and Omniverse.

ActorCore Mocap Motions Content Pack is a collection of 32 AAA production motion capture motions that can be used in many scenarios such as daily life, dinner party, and game. This set includes motions of idle, walk, sit, dance, and pistol. They are suitable for different applications like business, training, media & entertainment, archviz, film and game.

ActorCore content are designed for 3D animation tools. The list of supported software can be found here.
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