Best Apps for Samsung Gear

The Samsung Gear S2 might not boast as many apps as Apple, Android Wear or even Pebble, but it still remains our current smartwatch favourite. At launch, there was more than 1,000 apps, and while we haven’t seen a huge increase in numbers in Samsung’s app store, the quality is at least getting better. Samsung [View Full Post]

Best Smart Home Kits to Save You Money

It’s not saving the planet or getting your toast to pop up the minute you walk into the kitchen that’s causing the smart home to take off. It’s money. The most compelling connected kit is that which justifies its existence by paying for itself and then cutting your costs in half. Sure, it’s not particularly [View Full Post]

Everything you need to know about AR

What is augmented reality? Like virtual reality, AR is a technology that’s been around for years in some form or another but it’s only recently taken off. Thanks to powerful smartphone hardware and software, AR can be taken out of your pocket and used in the blink of an eye after downloading an app. It [View Full Post]

Best 10 Apps to Clean your iPhone

iPhone Clean Apps

Cleaning your iPhone majorly depends on how you diagnose its memory usage and how efficient the diagnostic tool you are using is. Below are some of the efficient diagnostic and optimization tools that can help you improve the performance of your iPhone with ease. SafeEraser – Protect Your Personal Privacy Permanently Erase Your Android & [View Full Post]

3 Free Ways to Convert Spotify to MP3

Download free music to iPhone with audio recorder

Spotify, a streaming radio service, provides music lovers with an unprecedented platform to discover new music. For Spotify lovers, they probably have the same requirements as Jamison. They would like to convert Spotify to MP3, so that they can listen to them on car players or directly on their computer offline, or even burn the [View Full Post]