Samsung Tizen VS Android Wear

It’s fair to say no-one has answered the smartwatch question yet. But in Google’s Android Wear and Samsung’s Tizen OS, we have two very different attempts. We pit the two operating systems against each other, looking at hardware, compatibility, interface, health and fitness tracking and apps to help you decide which platform to plump for. [View Full Post]

Obduction VR Review

Obduction is an adventure game hailing from Cyan, the same studio that produced the ’90s point-and-click classics Myst (1993) and Riven (1997). The game has been hotly awaited since it netted over $1.3 million on Kickstarter back in late 2013, but despite the fact that it’s officially launching on PC today, fans hoping to strap into a VR headset and start exploring will have to wait a little bit longer. Cyan maintains the VR version of the game is ‘coming soon’, but that didn’t stop us from getting our hands on a so called ‘pre-release version’ for the Oculus Rift.

Must Have VR games 2016

VR finally feels real in 2016. With HTC Vive and Oculus Rift out alongside Samsungs Gear VR and Google Cardboard, you have yourself a huge selection of both high-end and mobile games to choose from. PlayStation VR is slated for an October launch so expect even more titles then since we’re pretty sure Sony knows [View Full Post]

Ultimate Guide of Android Wear

Of course you know exactly what Android Wear is. You’re a regular reader of ReviewsTown. But do you really know everything about Google’s smartwatch OS? Do you know exactly what Android Wear does and how it works, and what the best Android Wear smartwatches are? And do you know the must-have Android Wear apps and [View Full Post]

Best Apps for Samsung Gear

The Samsung Gear S2 might not boast as many apps as Apple, Android Wear or even Pebble, but it still remains our current smartwatch favourite. At launch, there was more than 1,000 apps, and while we haven’t seen a huge increase in numbers in Samsung’s app store, the quality is at least getting better. Samsung [View Full Post]

Best Smart Home Kits to Save You Money

It’s not saving the planet or getting your toast to pop up the minute you walk into the kitchen that’s causing the smart home to take off. It’s money. The most compelling connected kit is that which justifies its existence by paying for itself and then cutting your costs in half. Sure, it’s not particularly [View Full Post]