New Wearable Devices beside Apple Watch

Boy, it’s been a busy week in the world of wearable tech dominated by Apple unveiling the Watch Series 2, a revamped Apple Watch (now called Series 1) and it even managed to squeeze in its first hearable with the truly wireless AirPods. Oh, and we shouldn’t forget the biggest news of all that we [View Full Post]

Best Fitbit Tracking Game Apps

Fitbit’s companion smartphone app, whether that’s for Android, iOS or Windows (no, we didn’t forget about you) is a big reason why we continue to recommend it among our best fitness trackers to own. The layout is simple, it’s easy to use and gives you a snapshot of information when you’re not looking down at [View Full Post]

Best Sports Watches

Adventure racers, ultra-runners and Ironman competitors all have one thing in common: the quest for a rugged GPS sport watch that’ll match the endurance of their own crazy feats of durability. It’s tough to find a sports watch that has a battery life that can contend with the demands of a 100-mile ultra, while still [View Full Post]

​Best Smart Thermostat And Heating Systems

Smart heating and thermostats are big business right now, and in many cases consumers are hungrier for connected tech in their home than they are on their wrists. So what exactly does a smart thermostat do? Well, they’re designed to give you control over your home heating from your smartphone or wearable like a smartwatch. [View Full Post]

Bellabeat Leaf Urban Review

The first batch of the Leaf Urban sold out in less than a day, despite the fact that its essential design and features are pretty similar to the first Bellabeat Leaf tracker. However the newer model has a smaller, sleeker design plus new water resistant materials and meditation goals, and it’s likely that with these [View Full Post]

Best 10 Plugins for iPhoto

When you are using an Apple device, you may need some very important and necessary plugins for your iPhoto. Here are 10 iPhoto Plugins in details that are useful to make your iPhoto experiences easier, safe and comfortable. Plugin 1: Duplicate Annihilator Price: $7.95 Duplicate Annihilator is the best plugin for iPhoto to eliminate duplication [View Full Post]

Amazfit Moon Beam Review

Huami has taken what it’s learned from its partnership designing Xiaomi’s Xiaomi Mi Band 2 and Mi Band Pulse to create its own line of wearables under the name Amazfit. While the Mi Bands are very fitness tracker-esque and somewhat run of the mill, there’s no doubt the Amazfit offerings, Moon Beam and Equator, are [View Full Post]