Best 10 iPhone Data Recovery Software

Where can I get data recovery programs for iOS 11? Data recovery programs can be purchased online from online software companies. They can also be downloaded freely from online websites and installed on your device. We also have different shops that sell software including the Apple store and one can obtain the software from there. [View Full Post]

Top 5 YouTube Downloader for iPhone

Nowadays, YouTube provides a lot of videos in high definition quality. You can either watch these videos online or download them to your device first, for instance iPhone 7. The good thing about downloading YouTube videos to your iPhone is that you can be able to watch them anywhere, anytime you want. Even if you [View Full Post]

Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Review

There isn’t much separating the new Samsung Gear S3 variants except for style but in a way, that’s a big deal. Though both smartwatches are ruggedized, the Gear S3 Frontier looks like its built to withstand more outdoor activity. Again, this doesn’t mean the Classic can’t – but you’re more likely to wear the Classic [View Full Post]

Jabra Sport Coach Special Edition Review

The Jabra Sport Coach Special Edition is as the name suggests, an updated version of the Jabra Sport Coach workout tracking wireless sports headphones. Unlike the more expensive Jabra Sport Pulse, which features built-in heart rate monitoring, the new Coach in-ears are focused on helping you get more out of your workouts by adding one [View Full Post]

PDF Converter

Top 10 Free Online Microsoft Office to PDF Converter

The Portable Document Format (commonly known as PDF), as the name suggests, is used to present a document across different platforms without worrying about hardware, operating systems or any other compatibility issues that come with other formats of the word documents. The PDF format can fully capture text, graphics and other information from a range [View Full Post]

Apple Watch Series 2 Nike+ Edition Review

Alongside the Watch Series 2, the Apple also decided to unveil a Nike+ edition of its second generation smartwatch to launch in October. Apple has teamed up with the sports giant to put a running spin on its Watch making some tweaks to the strap design and software to make it easier for runners to [View Full Post]

Good Features You Want to Have in Apple Watch 2

With the arrival of Apple Watch Series 2 and watchOS 3, the experience on the world’s bestselling smartwatch is about to get a whole lot more interesting. Features like built-in, phone-free GPS; a brighter screen; a multi-core processor and improved graphics chip; and water resistance down to 50m all make for on-wrist functionality that just [View Full Post]

Top 20 Music Download Apps for Android and iPhone

It is convenient to listen to music on your mobile devices. You can find many free apps that offer streaming music in MP3 for your mobile phone like iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android. While finding apps to allow you to download your songs, can be a little hard. Recently Apple has removed most of the [View Full Post]