Apple announced the new iOS 6 at WWDC 2012 for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad today, this mobile system comes with many cool features, and this review will show you everything you want to know.

Apple WWDC 2012

1. iOS 6 supports almost all iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, including iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPod touch 4th Gen, iPad 2, and the new iPad.

2. Brand New Maps with turn-by-turn directions
Beautifully designed from the ground up (and the sky down), Maps will change the way you see the world.1 Map elements are vector based, so graphics and text are incredibly detailed — even when you zoom all the way in — and panning is smooth. Tilt and rotate to view an area, and Maps keeps the names of streets and places where they belong. Get visual and spoken turn-by-turn navigation and real-time traffic updates. Even soar over cityscapes to see the sights from the air in amazing, high-resolution quality.

Apple iOS 6 New Maps

3. FaceTime upgrade: Now facetime is not only for Wifi networks, but also available for both 3G and 4G networks.

4. More powerful Siri
With iOS 6, Siri understands more languages, works in more countries, and is available on the new iPad. So you can get more things done in more places around the world. And more and more cars will have Siri integration, Apple working with auto manufacturers to bring Siri buttons directly into the steering wheel of upcoming cars, support from a huge range of manufacturers.

Apple iOS 6 Siri

5. Do Not Disturb
This feature allows you to shut off any type of notification so you’re not bothered during any time period. When decline an incoming call, you can instantly reply with a text message or set a callback reminder.

iOS 6 Do Not Disturb

6. Passbook
Passbook is a handy app that organizes all your tickets such as boarding passes, movie tickets, retail coupons, loyalty cards, and more all in one place. With Passbook, you can scan your iPhone or iPod touch to check in for a flight, get into a movie, and redeem a coupon.
iOS 6 Passbook

7. Facebook Integration
Now, you can easily log in your Facebook account, Share a photo to Facebook right from Camera. Post your location right from Maps. Brag about a high score right from Game Center.
iOS 6 Facebook

8. Easy to share photos
Now you can simply select photos from the Photos app, tap the Share button, choose who you want to share your photos with, and they’re on their way.
iOS 6 Photos

9. Better Safari with iCloud
Safari is getting the live synchronization of tabs with desktop Safari, so your browsing experience is unified across devices using iCloud.

iOS 6 Safari

10.Guided access
This feature allow you only activate parts of the iDevice screen, so autistic kids or people with other disabilities can stay focused on certain areas. You can also put an iPad in single app mode now, which is also useful for schools.

For more information about Apple WWDC 2012, Please refer to this keynote.

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